Garden keeps truckin’ along


I just started my summer garden by tucking some basil into what is literally the fastest garden on earth.

Some thirty-odd years ago, in response to someone moaning about not being able to garden, I tasked myself with developing the simplest garden ever. Needed to be inexpensive, alluring, edible, and low maintenance.

‘This April Fool treasures the demure next door girls more’


There are some interesting experiences worth having, but not often. Eating hot peppers and poking myself in the eye come to mind.

Not that I don’t enjoy the gustatory volcano and its subsequent endorphin bliss, or seeing shooting stars in a temporarily-blinded eye, but I appreciate both being temporary.

Learning to be proactive with spring garden this year


Landscape gardening sometimes involves hard decisions where no solution seems just right. But “between a rock and a hard place” dissonance can be resolved by going in an entirely different direction.

Take my newish crape myrtles, carefully hand-picked and pruned to frame my circular backyard and provide light neighborly privacy.



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