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DREW NEWS:  Mr. and Mrs. Faison, Mrs. Warner Holt, Mrs. Lockhart, and Addison Holt spent Thursday in Greenville.

SOCIETY COLUMN:  One of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies took place in Grenada when Miss Edith Brown was wed to Mr. F. B. Hays of Indianola.

Mr. Hays is one of Indianola’s leading druggists as well as being a splendid businessman. His best man was Madison Baird who has much experience along this line.

Hayes Stubblefield and Terry Campbell left Sunday for Blue Mountain where they will enroll at Mississippi Heights.

Professor J. S. Vandiver of Moorhead was an Indianola visitor Monday.

Monday, September 15th, the Indianola Public Schools will begin its 1919-1920 session.

EDITORIAL NOTE; Our town authorities have made Indianola such a fine place to live However, it’s so good that if you want to move here, you better bring your own house.



INVERNESS NEWS BY MRS. ROBERT WARREN: Among those helping “Red” Bell celebrate his “39th birthday were Rev. and Mrs. H. G. Wallace and son from Lyon, Mississippi.

SPORTS NEWS:  The Southside Recreation Association made its annual awards. Mr. James Smith, Little League Commissioner presided assisted by Mr. Nyemiah Wayne.

A plaque was presented to Jack E. Harper, Jr. Chairman of the City Recreation Committee in appreciation for his services to the community.

The Enterprise Tocsin player of the week for IA is Frank Greenlee. The Indianola High School player of the week is Gary Russell.

DREW NEWS BY MRS. MAUDE SIMMONS; The Drew Chamber of Commerce goes that extra mile in so many ways through their secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Bertie Floyd. Go into her office most any time and she can be found helping someone with housing, food and clothing, jobs, and so many other ways. Congratulations to Drew Chamber of Commerce and Bertie for jobs well done.



A habitual criminal succeeded in his escape from the Sunflower County Jail over the weekend. He had escaped in 1991. This time before he left, he apparently broke into the office of Assistant District Attorney Hallie Gail Crook and stole her new microwave. Note: This occurred when the jail was housed on the third floor of the Sunflower County Courthouse and the DA’s office was located in the basement) The microwave was later recovered as the offender had sold it on Church Street before making his getaway.

Circuit Court Judge Howard Q. Davis is requesting tighter security for the courthouse after shots rang out just outside the Circuit Court Room. A Parchman prisoner was attempting escape.



Turner Network has been in town this week to film Evelyn Roughton of The Crown to be featured on the show Blue Ribbon which will feature soups and stews of the South. Roughton had made a catfish bisque for the production.


The well-known chef and owner of The Crown and Taste of Gourmet is busier than ever. Since that program, she has packaged her bisque for purchase with Taste of Gourmet products. Last year, she released her new cookbook, The Crown of Southern Cooking, to rave reviews. Right now, she is busy, along with her co-chairmen, Maggie Barnes and Nancy Woods getting ready for the Indian Bayou Arts and Crafts Festival on September 29th.

This year, in addition to the Craig Claiborne Pecan Pie contest there will be a category for appetizers and a kids’ pecan cookie contest.

The congenial lady is also preparing for Handworks which is held annually in the Trade Mart Building in Jackson. She will be displaying the many products of Taste of Gourmet for sampling and purchase, as well as autographing her cookbooks. An added attraction to the booth this year will be an exhibit of Delta Bears and Custom Cubs. These are all handmade by her daughter Jennifer Roughton Schaumburg She makes them from fabric supplied by the purchaser such as special clothing from childhood days.

Roughton is also known for her many contributions to the community through the Chamber of Commerce, the Brindley Theatre and many other civic activities.


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