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JULY 1919

Mrs. Kate Faison, who has been doing trained nurse duties for our Army in Belgium and France for several months has landed in New York and will be home soon.

Miss Norma Heard has been visiting relatives in Yazoo City and from there will go to Gulfport.

NOTICE TO VOTERS IN SUNFLOWER COUNTY FROM D. J. CHANDLER CANDIDATE FOR TAX  ASSESSOR; There seems to be a rumor over the county that I am delinquent in paying taxes. That is a mistake. I have in my hand receipts for two years, 1917 and 1918 and I owe no taxes.

AD FROM D. COLOTTA: Enjoy Bevo, the year-round soft drink. Bevo is the highest refinement of the natural drink of primitive man and accepted drink of modern America with real food value.

AD FROM W. J. CHANDLER JEWELRY STORE: We have jewelry and diamonds and Edison Phonographs.


JULY 1969

EDITORAL NOTE FROM MICHAEL SCHULLER: “Every time you loan money to a friend, you also damage his memory”.

Gene Van Cleve has been named first vice-president of the Indianola Chamber of Commerce. The Indianola native is an independent insurance agent.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR FROM MARILYN HEMPHILL, MISS SUNFLOWER COUNTY: As Miss Sunflower County I want to tell you how much your kindness and support meant to me in the Miss Mississippi pageant. (Marilyn went on to tie with Miss Northwest Junior College in the swimsuit division).

DREW NEWS BY MRS. MAUDE SIMMONS: When a Drew boy or girl makes good outside of Drew, it is good news. When he or she makes good in our hometown it is doubly good news. Jerry Stigler has been named Assistant Superintendent of the Drew Schools.


JULY 1994

The White Sox baseball team coached by Jimmy Slater and Bobby Randall is headed to the state play-offs. Members are Todd Putnam, Johnny Massey, Trace Randall, Seth Champion, Phillip Dawson, Larkin Kennedy, Michael Watson, Lute Zepponi, Marquis Castaneda, Eric Spurlock, Stephen Pannel, Charles McCarty, and Richie Creekmore.

Indianola had several winners in the Leland Racquet Club Tennis Ladies Day. Helen Van Cleve Cook and Dorothy Allen Huoni, both originally from Indianola won their bracket. Debbie Reynolds of Indianola and Donna Simpson of Leland won their division. Katie Hughes Yates of Indianola and Annie Hughes Lott of Leland won their bracket. Katie and Annie are originally from Inverness


JULY 2004

Denise LaSalle brought her acclaimed brand of R&B and Soul to the Club Ebony last Friday for a benefit concert. Mrs. Mary Shepard, owner, welcomed her.

Donna Jones landed a 225-pound Alaskan Halibut with the help of her husband, Dr. Lowell Jones, Jr. and their guide. The Jones were on vacation in Alaska.

The Southern Stompers Softball team is coached by Irene Maloney and Lou Adams. Players are Morgan Maloney, Addy McDaniel, Elizabeth Bellipanni, Taylor Lott, Megan Donahoe, Landon Childs, Megan Kirksey, Anna Daniels, and Hali Adams. They are sponsored by Andy Daniels of State Farm Insurance.



Marilyn Hemphill Tinnin represented Sunflower County in 1969 in the Miss Mississippi Pageant. She tied with Miss Northwest Junior college in the swimsuit division. Fifty years later, she could still win beauty pageants. Marilyn, the former owner/editor of the Mississippi Christian Living Magazine is a very talented writer, following in the footsteps of her mom, Marie Hemphill.

In addition to being a columnist, she has a book coming out in early August.

Her daughter, Betsy Bailey, let the cat out of the bag in her Facebook column, but Marilyn says that’s okay, she will be releasing details soon.

The title of the book is Mae Mae’s Grandmother Book. Betsy describes it this way, “super-cute and is about well-earned life lessons straight from her heart.” 

The first book signing will be in Jackson but watch for Marilyn’s announcement on area book signings. I can’t wait to get a copy.


They have now picked up two consecutive first District 2-3A victories.


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