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JUNE 1919

Editorial Note from J. A. Richardson:  The only compliment I can give to the motorcycle is that it can never sneak up on anybody.

We don’t think there has been a road in the country that has been cussed, and rightfully so, more than the Holly Ridge Road. If there has been a road more impassible from Land’s End to Cape Horn, we don’t know of it.

Cashier Bingham of the Bank of Indianola has been busy this week bringing the front part of the bank’s office better.

AD FROM INDIANOLA DRUG COMPANY: When a man comes to you with pain and diarrhea and tells you he will die in your presence unless you procure him a drink of whiskey, give him a dose of Chamberlain’s Colic and Diarrhea Remedy.


JUNE 1969

The wedding of Lois Marguerite Pillow of Greenwood and William Thomas Robertson, Jr of Holly Ridge will be solemnized on June 25 in Greenwood.

AROUND THE TOWN BY PATRICE EDWARDS: Tommy Smithhart has left for his Naval Base in Long Beach, California.

Visiting in the home of Mrs. C. J. Bianca is her grandson, Johnny Ray of Soto, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. John McPherson were recently honored with a surprise housewarming at their new home on Augusta Street. Hosts were Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Gresham, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Reed and sons, Buddy and William, spent the weekend in Memphis in the home of their aunt, Mrs. Ryder Jackson.


JUNE 1994

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat opens Friday night at the Mid Delta Arts Association. Narrators are Linda Arant and Marsha Wooten. Gip Clark, Bo Pentecost, Trey Harper, Jason Roberts, Bryan Williams, Shannon Quon, Brent Roberts, and Jason Lee are among the cast members.

Ronnie Barner and Antonio Williams of Gentry High School have received tennis scholarships. Barner will play for Mississippi Valley State University and Williams for Alcorn University.

The Enterprise Tocsin won 11 awards at the annual Press Association Better Newspaper meeting. One of those was the coveted Overall General Excellence award as the top weekly newspaper in its size category.


JUNE 2004

FRONT PAGE ARTICLE BY DAVID RUSHING:  One way to quickly learn that there is a first time for everything, just ask a fireman. The Indianola Fire Department found themselves in an unusual rescue mission last Thursday. They were called to extract a woman from a floor air conditioning vent. Assistant Fire Chief Rufus Powell said the woman’s left leg had become stuck in a vent in a trailer home. He said the vent gave way when she was standing on it.

FEATURE ON SUZANNE COLEMAN: Suzanne is a woman of many talents. Many recall her years of operating Pear Orchard Furniture with her husband, Bill. However, few people know she is a very talented artist and craftsman. She carves realistic birds and is an excellent portrait painter.


Suzanne says she hasn’t been involved with carving her beautiful birds in a while but is still painting, mostly portraits and still life. “There is one difference. When I started out with portraits, they were in pastels. Today I work in oils. I do these mostly for family and close friends because it is very time consuming and I paint on a very limited basis,” she said. Coleman said that she still enjoys gardening very much.

“Bill and I have eight grandchildren now and we love having them visit us and we enjoy traveling to see them. My mom lives next door and often needs my care. My brother and his wife have been here a few weeks and they are such a big help. We have enjoyed them so much,” she said.

In the feature article, the talented lady said that her husband was her biggest fan and sometimes critic. ‘That hasn’t changed at all,” she said.


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.


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