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The first bale of cotton for the 1919-1920 season was raised by W. S. Armstrong and C. S, Thomas of Sunflower. The bale weighed 500 pounds and was shipped to Greenwood, this being their first bale received this season. The cotton was ginned by the Sunflower Gin which is owned by the Berryhill brothers.

SOCIETY COLUMN: Misses Ada Maie and Helen Neill are visiting relatives in Helena, Arkansas.

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS REPORT FOR AUGUST 1919: The reports of W. S. Babers. Superintendent of the County Farm; S. M. Yeates, County Agricultural Agent; W. P. Sanders, Superintendent of Education and Dr. J. W. Lucas, County Health Officer were received and approved.

NOTICE FROM DR. J. W. LUCAS, COUNTY HEALTH OFFCER: An effort is being made to eradicate MALARIA from Sunflower County. Quinine for malaria is for sale at all stores where medicines are sold.



Miss Rebecca McAlister, fiancee of Dick Barrett is a guest in the Barrett home after having gone through Hurricane Camille at the home of her sister in Gulfport. The church in which her wedding was to take place on September 8th is covered in mud up to the ceiling. The Broadwater, where the reception was to take place has ten feet of water in it.

Basketball cheerleaders for this school year are Melanie Smith, Janice Baker, Marilyn Lipnick who is head cheerleader, Semone Harper, Barrie McGregor, Linda Burns, and Hatley Metts.



Indianola Academy will open its 1994 football season against Humphreys Academy on August 26. Probable starters include Clete Putnam, Johnny Massey, Dustin Williams, Shane Hodges, Will Jennings, Justin Casano, Jackie Jenkins, Ben Estes and Brent Cobb. Brad Cummins will be handling the PAT and field goal chores this year.

Drew Police Captain Albert “Pinky” Robertson is still in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound he received when answering a call. An arrest has been made.



A feature article on Delta Senior Golfers by this writer contained some quips by a few of its members. The late Pete Rogers recalled his younger days playing golf. “David Allen, Rupert Lyon, Billy Gresham and I (Note: all deceased now) would walk to the Country Club to play golf. That is until Billy Gresham’s dad, Mr. Walton, told him if he could walk to the country club to play golf, he could work. That left three of us and I think we turned out to be pretty good golfers. Of course, I think it could be said that Billy Gresham turned out to be a doggone good businessman,” Rogers said. Ward Gilbert, golf pro at the time lamented, “These guys will come out here and compete with college guys and leave them behind” Chester Holloway was one of the organizers of the Senior Golf Group.

Coach Ricky Taylor, coach of the Gentry High Rams hopes to improve the team’s record of 7-3 last year. He said he was proud of that record but believes the team will be great this year. Some of the probable starters will be Justin Wraggs, Anthony Cross, Jamarus Wade and Devarus Moton.

Update on Rebecca McAllister and

Dick Barrett

Rebecca and Dick Barrett will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on September 8th. Their journey to this special day has been an interesting and at times traumatic. Rebecca is a Gulfport native. At the time she met Dick she was a stewardess for Delta Airlines. She was in Rome, Italy with the airline when she met Dick. He was on a trip with Jim Corder, Jr. and Tom Robertson. “Of all places, we met on a tour bus in Rome,” Rebecca said.

It wasn’t too long after that wedding plans started to begin. The wedding at First Presbyterian in Gulfport was to take place on September 8th with a grand reception at The Broadwater. However, one of the deadliest hurricanes on record, Camille, changed those plans on August 17. “I was at my family home which is several blocks away from the beach. We had some damage but nothing like what took place in other areas.

Meanwhile, Dick was in Indianola listening to news reports of the devastation and worried to death about his bride-to-be. “Good ole boy”, Delta like, he got on the road to check on her. The closer he got to the coast, the greater the devastation. “I finally got to the coast after stopping in Collins to nap in my car. When I arrived, there was no way to drive to her home there was such great damage. I left my car and walked to her home and was relieved to see that Rebecca and her family were okay. Her aunt, who lived on the beach had come to Rebecca’s home for refuge. She was determined to check on her home, so I walked with her, which was quite a few blocks away. I’ll never forget that as we walked, she began to see things that had been in her home. When we arrived, she had no home, everything was gone” said Barrett.

Rebecca came to Indianola and stayed at the Barrett home. “Our wedding date was near and I kept hoping and praying we could be married in Gulfport, but that was not to be. The Barrett family stepped in and created a miracle. We were married at the First Baptist Church in Indianola and the reception was held at the Indianola Country Club. Here we are today getting ready to celebrate our 50th anniversary,” she said.

The Barretts have one son, Brister, who lives in Memphis.


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