Quarantine TV critic – that’s me


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

With this virus keeping us all cooped up and gently trapesing about each other’s nerves, I’ve found a bit of solace by digging deep into the TV offerings.

The Internet brings me a wealth of TV programming of which I’ve found 90 percent to be pretty much trash and the things “somebody actually got paid to write” blows my mind. I better get to work on my TV/movie ideas so I can star in one of my own productions but I need a list of investors. Who’s in?

With some monthly subscriptions, the Internet brings me Amazon Prime Video,  Netflix and then my Roku box has literally thousands of options and if you have the right remote, can search across those platforms with a voice search of say “The Man who Shot Liberty Valance.”

Early in the quarantine, I found the show of my youth, Starsky and Hutch. I always wanted to be Starsky. I had the shoes and blue jeans but couldn’t find the bulky sweater and never pulled the trigger on getting my hair permed to match his. I think that was a blessing in disguise though…lol…

The 1970s cop show brought back memories of youth and running around with Robert Nelms at recess acting like detectives.

I still won’t buy a Ford but that “white striped tomato” of a car as Hutch described it was one souped-up dream car. As an adult, I view it differently and see some holes my youthful eyes were blind to. The acting and scripts were, well, a bit mediocre but still they were heroes to a 12-year-old country boy and still are. Go back in time and check out Starsky and Hutch.

Now over on Netflix and Prime there are series worth mentioning.

Prime has a couple of seasons of Jack Ryan, the character so aptly created by the late Tom Clancy. It’s a younger version with plenty of action and drama and shooting bad guys. Now my favorite series is on Netflix and that would be Longmire, the story of an Absaroka County Sheriff in Wyoming who’s as old school as it gets in solving crimes of all sizes.

He doesn’t say much but what he says, well, every word is important. It’s more of a Cowboys and Indians show with plenty of bad guys that Walt Longmire has to face down. This show is worth the subscription price for me.

Now there’s plenty of crazy stuff out there to dig into but you’ll find they are a waste of time and precious brain cells along the way.

But on Roku, there’s a Western channel that’s chock full of Roy Rogers movies and shows that I’d like to replant in today’s youth. My heroes have always been cowboys and one more one-off show to check is Badland. A detective is charged with finding Civil War Crimes bad guys who are painted in Confederate gray General.

You get to follow Matthias Breecher through “four chapters” or stories in this Netflix movie.

What are you watching while quarantined?

I know there’s some Captain Kangaroo on YouTube, I think I’ll hit that next and find out what Mr. Green Jeans has been up to lately. If we’re still quarantined next week, let’s talk music.


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