Districts 13 and 22 changes in effect for primaries

The redrawn lines for Districts 13 and 22 will be in effect for tomorrow’s primary elections. 

According to a report from News Mississippi, an appeals court panel ruled 2-1 today to uphold the Legislature’s redrawing of the two districts after Federal Judge Carolton Reeves’ February ruling that District 22, as it had been drawn, violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act because the lines diluted African American voting. 

Reeves ordered 22 redrawn, and the Legislature complied ahead of the end of the 2019 legislative session. The appeals panel ruled the state lawmaker’s remedy was acceptable  

As a result, Sunflower County Will now have two state senators. Previously, only the District 13 senator represented the county. Now, portions of the county will be in 13 and 22. 

District 22 will occupy south Indianola to the southern most portion of the county, while 13 will represent the northern part of the city to the northern most part of the county. 

The Secretary of State’s website is updated to let voters know exactly where they will vote tomorrow. Click to visit the site. 


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