‘Pretty much like starting over’: Blaine family recovering from storm damage that destroyed their home


Brenda Mickey laid her head down on her pillow inside her trailer in Blaine just after 10 p.m. on June 19.

She was going to catch a quick nap before taking her husband James to work in Doddsville. A few minutes later, she awoke to the sound of a terrible wind, and a few minutes later, her family would lose everything.

“I got up, attempting to close the door, but I guess the wind was stronger than I was,” Brenda said.

She woke her husband and shouted, “I can’t close this door.”

There was no reported tornado in Blaine that night – though a tornado warning was issued further south in Sunflower County as part of the same system - but the severe storm that came through just after 10:30 p.m. produced winds strong enough to pull the Mickeys’ roof off and nearly collapsed the trailer.

By the time James got to the door, the wind blew both of them to the floor.

On the other side of the home, the couple’s grown daughter Jamesha and their 14-year-old granddaughter Jamesia were awoken by the wind.

“I told them not to come in there,” Brenda said. “I told them to stay put.”

Her oldest son, Cedric Williams, was late getting home from work that night, something Brenda said is a blessing.

James managed to get to the door again, and he held it and the wall, which Brenda said was beginning to split apart at that point.

“It was nobody but God who gave him the strength to hold that door and that wall,” Brenda said.

By the time the storm passed, half of the roof on the trailer was in a field over 100 yards away.

“My daughter came in, and she said, ‘Momma, your house is torn up,’” Brenda said.

The storm knocked the trailer off the blocks it was sitting on, and the rain began to soak all of their possessions.

Brenda said she had a knot on her arm, but she said she is thankful for that knot.

“People tell me ‘You were lucky,’” Brenda said. “We weren’t lucky. It was God.”

Since the storm, the Mickey family has attempted to put the pieces back together, but subsequent rainstorms have further destroyed many of their belongings.

“It’s pretty much like starting over,” Brenda said.

They are currently staying with relatives, but she said she is looking for a permanent home for the family.

They are in need of clothes, food and any other donations are welcome. Brenda can be reached at 662-545-1492.


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