$1 million street project activated


Several Indianola streets that have been in disrepair could soon be getting a makeover.

During the latter part of the 2019 legislative session, former District 13 Senator Willie Simmons was able to earmark $1 million for street repairs for the city.

City Engineer Ron Cassada told the Board of Aldermen on Monday night that a board order was required to activate the project that could repair 10 streets, two in each ward, throughout the city.

Under the plan, Ward 1 would see North Fasonia and South Fasonia repaired.

Ward 2 would see Gray Street and Austin Drive, Ward 3 Johnson and Carver, Ward 4 Coates and Cleveland and Ward 5 Slim and Kentwood/Johnson.

There were some adjustments made by the aldermen at the meeting to the original list that was given.

Cassada said they could continue to adjust based on need and whether the repairs can be made within the $1 million.

“When we get into the design of this, you may or may not be able to do all of these streets,” he said. “Some of these streets may have water and sewer underneath them that are collapsing, and I don’t recommend we pave the street if water and sewer are collapsing.”

Rosenthal said the city also plans to do a bond issue for street repair in the future, and this was not part of that plan.

During the same discussion, Alderman Gary Fratesi asked Rosenthal to see if the county would make repairs to the portions of Ford Road, Airport Road and North Fasonia that were not in the city limits.

He said that a lot of traffic comes off 448 onto those roads, and one portion is gravel at this point.

“That’s a joke to have a gravel road going into the county seat,” Fratesi said.

Cassada said there is a project advertised that will be opening in mid-April that will reconstruct some of the “really bad areas” of some of those stretches.

The county’s new paving machine would be used to overlay areas between the reconstructed parts, he said.

Cassada said that he may have an estimate on how much all 10 streets will cost to repair by the next board meeting


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