Brown contests Nov. 6 election results in Washington County


District 31 candidate Shannon Brown is contesting the results of the special election that took place on Nov. 6 and was certified 10 days later on Nov. 16.

Brown is asking for votes in Washington County to be examined, according to a letter provided to The E-T Tuesday night.

After the initial votes were tallied on Nov. 6, Brown had a comfortable lead over then third place candidate Barbara Brooks. Brown was in second place, behind Otis Anthony II.

Brooks, a Washington County native, benefitted from 383 absentee and affidavit votes when the final numbers were totaled last Friday.

Brown only had 58 votes, which bumped him to third place.

As of right now, Brooks is set to face Anthony in Tuesday’s runoff.

Brown provided an official letter that was sent to Washington County Circuit Clerk Barbara Esters-Parker, as well as each of the other seven candidates who were in the race.

“Please accept this letter from the Shannon Brown Campaign for a ballot box examination request for the investigation of the ballot counting process and outcome of the District 31 Special election held November 6, 2018,” the letter said. “There was no correspondence or communication of any type with this campaign informing us that the November 6 results were subject to change. Consequently, the news that due to affidavit ballots Mrs. Barbara Brooks would replace Mr. Shannon Brown in the runoff was very surprising. In addition, we would like the process used to certify the affidavit ballots to be reviewed. There are several areas of concern that we would like to discuss and have reviewed…Again, this is our official letter of contest.”

On election night, Anthony and Brown took most of the votes in Sunflower County, while Brooks made up ground in her home county of Washington with 841 votes. She received 279 in Sunflower County and 7 in Humphreys County.

While she picked up three votes in Sunflower County in the absentee and affidavit counts, Brooks gained 253 in Washington County.

Candidates have 12 days from the election to contest the vote.

Brown’s letter to Esters-Parker was received and filed Nov. 19.



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