Dowells hope to make impact through pharmacy


Matt and Kimberly Dowell have been side-by-side since the day they met.

The couple recently bought Martin’s Pharmacy from former owner Jimmy Poe, and they are looking to grow the business, which is located on the campus of South Sunflower County Hospital.

Matt, an Indianola Academy graduate, is the son of Indianola physician Wade Dowell and Angela Dowell, and Kimberly is a Greenville native and a graduate of Washington School.

She is the daughter of Carl and Tammy Willmer.

The two met during their freshman year at Mississippi State, and they have literally been at each other’s side since then.

“I always wanted to do healthcare, and Matt started out thinking that he was going to do pre-vet,” Kimberly said. “I was actually considering pre-med.”

During that first year of college, Matt returned to the Delta to shadow Poe at his business in Shaw. That is when he decided on going to pharmacy school.

“He enjoyed it so much that he knew that was what he wanted to do, and we went down that road together,” Kimberly said.

During their second year of college, the couple transferred to the University of Louisiana-Monroe. They finished out their undergraduate degrees and were accepted into the school of pharmacy.

“We helped each other through school and now work,” Kimberly said. “We actually had every class together… It seemed that whatever Matt needed help in, I was better at, and whatever I needed help in, he was better at, so we just kind of balanced each other out.”

The two graduated together in 2009, and they came home to the Delta and worked side-by-side at the Delta Regional Medical Center in Greenville.

“People ask me all the time, ‘how do you work with your spouse every day,’” Matt said. “And I tell them, we had to study 10 hours a day going through pharmacy school, and if she didn’t want to kill me then, I guess she won’t kill me now.”

After nine years of working at Delta Regional, Matt and Kimberly started thinking about the next step in their journey, owning their own pharmacy.

“I think it’s kind of the goal of a lot of pharmacists when they graduate,” Matt said. “I believe most people want to own their own store.”

They began working with Poe at the pharmacy in May, and they officially took over the operation on June 11.

So far, the experience has been everything they hoped for.

“When it’s your own store, I believe you can make a bigger difference,” Kimberly said. “You can make more of an impact…We didn’t’ get to have a lot of patient contact in the hospital, but working in retail, I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Matt and Kimberly said they hope to grow the business and expand some of the services.

Kimberly said she hopes the pharmacy will be able to offer more gifts for patients and their families, and the couple is currently in the process of working with Medicare to hopefully offer vaccines this year.

“We’re hoping to implement that this year, but it may be a little later than flu season,” Kimberly said.

The couple currently live in Scott with their sons, Hunter (7) and Rowan (9 months), and they are currently looking for homes with the goal of moving to Sunflower County.