Jeff Hardy is building the “perfect’ HVAC business


Jeff Hardy has been keeping people both cool and warm in the Delta over the last two decades.

For the second time in his life in early 2019, the heating and air conditioning pro became a business owner.

“Nobody even knew I was going to start a business,” Hardy, owner of Perfect Air in Indianola said. “I didn’t even know it until two or three days before I did it. I’m telling you, I come out the door, and I ain’t stopped.”

Hardy said he quit his previous job on December 27, 2018, and on January 2, about a week later, he started Perfect Air.

“I didn’t tell anybody,” Hardy said. I didn’t even know myself.”

A Clarksdale native and Indianola Academy graduate, Hardy went to work right after graduation, but it wasn’t in the HVAC business.

“When I got out of high school, I wanted to get out of my momma and daddy’s house,” Hardy said. “I went to work on a catfish farm. Three hundred dollars a week, I thought that was the jackpot.”

Hardy said that his best friend had gone to air conditioning school and was making $15 an hour.

“That was pretty good money compared to my three hundred dollars,” he said.

After about five years on the catfish farm, Hardy quit, and he decided to go to school to learn his trade.

He graduated from Mississippi Delta Community College, and he went to work for Simpson Air Conditioning in Greenville, where he stayed for 15 years.

While at Simpson, Hardy said he focused on commercial chillers and boilers.

Back in the mid-2000s, Hardy said he owned another business in Tupelo.

“I had a good business up there, but I went through a divorce,” Hardy said. “I needed to get away from there, so I shut that business down and came back home.”

When Hardy first started his business in 2018, he was a one-man shop, working mostly out of his home in Sunflower County.

“It started with me, alone,” Hardy said. “I did that for about three months.”

Hardy said that he eventually hired some help, but that has been the biggest challenge so far.

While Hardy is still looking for good labor, he has not had a problem finding the work.

He said he has not gone a day since starting the business without something to do.

“God’s really done it,” he said. “At times, I thought I had too much work, but it’s all fallen right like I needed it to.”

Hardy said he places a great deal of emphasis on work ethic and doing the job correctly the first time.

“It’s going to cost me money before I cut a corner trying to make five dollars,” Hardy said. “I’m not going to do it.”

Hardy has gotten busy to the point that he has moved into an office on U.S. 82, and he’s talking about expanding even more in the near future.

With his second full summer coming up, Hardy is hoping to have the opportunity to help keep Delta families and businesses cool in 2020.


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