Journey 2019: Building a Dynasty with Brittany and Beunkka Davis


Brittany Davis-Green and Beunkka Davis are looking to build a dynasty.

The two sisters, who are former Gentry High School graduates, are first generation college graduates.

They are the daughters of a working mom, Bernice Gamble, who was a first generation high school graduate. Gamble instilled a work ethic and a love for reading and writing into her daughters that translated into blooming careers in marketing and communications.

The two have now launched a new organization, Dynasty Media & Management Co., and they are hoping to one day create a legacy of entrepreneurship within their family.

“Being able to jump out into entrepreneurship is really like a big thing for our family,” Brittany and Beunkka told The E-T during a recent interview.

Both successful women still have their day jobs, which are in mass communications for two Mississippi colleges.

Brittany is Director of Communications and Marketing at Mississippi Valley State University, and Beunkka is Director of Marketing and Communications at Alcorn State University’s School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.

While the two set out on different paths after graduating from Gentry High School, their career choices always seemed to intersect and have paved the way for this new venture.

Both credit their mother with much of their success in higher education.

“Our love for reading came from her,” Beunkka said. “And reading and writing go hand-in-hand. We had structured TV time (growing up), but we had unlimited books.”

Beunkka said that her mother did her best to provide her two girls every opportunity to succeed, including instilling a good work ethic.

Both spent their teenage years working jobs in Indianola.

“We definitely got our work ethic from her,” Brittany said.

During high school, Brittany thought that she wanted to be a doctor, so she was set up with some Allied Health classes through the Indianola Technical Center, she said.

“And I learned real quick that I did’t have the stomach for medicine,” Brittany said.

But one of her teachers pointed out that she wrote really well and encouraged her to pursue a career around that skill.

“I knew I didn’t want to be an English teacher, but she brought up journalism, which I didn’t know a lot about at the time,” Brittany said.

With an initial interest in broadcast journalism, Brittany attended Delta State University, which at the time had a journalism program but without an emphasis in broadcasting.

There, she was trained in print journalism and graduated in 2011.

“I didn’t plan on getting into marketing,” Brittany said. “Initially, I was going to be a journalist.. That was the plan, but life just kind of took me down that path.”

After working her first journalism job at The Enterprise-Tocsin for two years, Brittany had the opportunity to join the communications team at Coahoma Community College, where she began to hone her marketing skills.

“I had the solid skills of writing and critical thinking, but that was when I really got into the marketing aspect of it and the leadership aspect of it,” she said.

Marketing, especially for an institution of higher learning, was different than print journalism, she said.

“You have to think differently than a journalist,” she said. “It’s a skill you don’t lose, but you have to tailor it more to what you are trying to do.”

During her time at Coahoma, Brittany and Beunkka began to talk about the idea of starting their own marketing firm. They even picked out the Dynasty name years before they launched.

For Beunkka, her path to marketing also began with an interest in broadcast journalism at Alcorn State University.

“I was initially interested in broadcast, television and film, but there wasn’t a lot of exposure in the area for those things,” she said. “People said, ‘You need to major in something you can get a job in. That’s not a realistic career.’ So, I went to school for elementary education.”

After getting to Alcorn, Beunkka said she began to notice a number of broadcast journalism and film students walking around with big cameras.

“I learned about mass communications,” she said. “I majored in Mass Communications at Alcorn and my emphasis was always storytelling as well. I would go and try to find that story that no one else had told before.”

It is Brittany and Beunkka’s skills at storytelling that set them apart from other agencies, they said.

“That storytelling background is what brought us together, even though we had totally different ideas about what we wanted to do,” Beunkka said.

Beunkka went on to attend Howard University, where she majored in film, and when she and Brittany came home to Indianola, their friends would often enlist their help in building their brands.

“We had friends in the community who wanted something, but they weren’t exactly sure of what they wanted,” Brittany said. “They would say, ‘I want a billboard or I want a flyer,’ or something like that, and we’d tell them that they needed that overall branding experience. Something else that they needed was that story no one has ever told before. What is it about you that makes you totally unique from other people in your same industry? We would brand that, and we started getting good at it. We said, maybe we should make a business out it.”

At the time, the sisters were trying to build their own separate careers at two different universities, but they officially collaborated as Dynasty for the first time when then judicial candidate Debra Giles asked the two for help on her campaign.

At the time, they still had no solid plans of forming an official business, but Giles helped push them in the right direction.

“She wrote the check and made it out to Dynasty, but at that time, we didn’t have a business account,” Brittany said. “She said, ‘I can change it,’ but we said no, and that is what really made us go ahead and step out on faith and test the waters. When she won, that really affirmed we were doing the right thing.”

While the business is budding, they are gaining a solid reputation early on.

“Relationships are really important to us, and we’d like for our clients to really know us and trust us,” Beunkka said.

She said the pair like to get to know their clients before launching a campaign. They want to know their hopes and dreams for their brands and why they started their organization.

Once a trust is established, then they move on to strategy, Beunkka said.

Right now, Brittany and Beunkka are focused on brand strategy, graphics, photography, videography, writing, social media and digital marketing, among other skills.

Brittany is married to Lemarrick Green and they have two kids, Lemarrick Green Jr. and Bailei Green.

Beunkka is the mother of one daughter, Kelani Williams.


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