Journey 2019: Martha Catlette launches business with a focus on wellness


Martha Catlette has been teaching about health for over 40 years, but she never expected her background in nursing education and administration would lead to entrepreneurship.

That was until last summer.

Catlette is now the owner of Greenspot Wellbeing, and she now has a brick and mortar location in downtown Indianola at 100 Front Avenue.

Catlette is continuing her lifelong mission to educate the masses on health, but this time, her focuses are on meditation, stress relief and aging, among others.

She spent 27 years teaching at Mississippi Delta Community College, before taking on roles at Delta State and Coahoma, before retiring.

It was during the last 10 years that she began to look for ways to relieve the stress in her own life.

“As my job got more and more stressful through my career, I found myself just thinking, there’s got to be a better way to deal with life,” Catlette said. “Since I’ve learned the things I’ve learned with meditation, I just really could have used it 30 years ago, and I would love to help people now find better ways to cope.”

Catlette said that even in a small town, life is hectic for most people, and many do not think they have the time to stop and meditate for just a little while each day.

“Everybody’s in the fast lane,” she said. “Everybody is stressed, and we’re going through life on automatic pilot, without taking care of ourselves.”

Without pharmacological intervention, Catlette’s business centers around helping individuals, groups and workplaces with stress management.

Catlette said that stress has a cumulative effect, and sometimes the symptoms associated with it arise differently, depending on the person.

“It affects everybody in different ways, but we know it affects the cardiovascular system,” she said. “We know it can create decreased immunity, and other illnesses set in, particularly cancer and autoimmune illnesses.”

It’s those tangible health benefits that Catlette said usually hook people when they have a consult.

“You tell them that it’s going to lower their blood pressure, lower their heart rate, it’s going to help build their immune system, help them fight off infections, fight off cancer, and it’s going to help them have more anti-aging hormones that offset the aging process,” she said. “It’s going to bring them calmness.”

Up until a little over a year ago, Catlette had never given thought to becoming a small business owner.

“I never thought I would be a business owner, because I always wanted to leave that up to someone else, as far as management is concerned,” she said.

She began teaching Yoga classes at the Front Street location, which houses multiple businesses, including the anchor store, Lavender Lane.

Catlette saw the small space in the back of the store and knew immediately that’s where she wanted to set up shop.

She said that meditation and Yoga are not things that can be done passively.

It’s a lifestyle, and it takes commitment, she said.

“All you hear is how busy people are and how they can’t do another thing,” Catlette said. “They’re completely maxed out in what they’re doing, and they can’t add meditation in, of course, because there’s no time.”

Catlette said that she is hoping to consult with more groups and workplaces in the next year to help people learn small things they can do throughout the day to relieve stress, such as Chair Yoga.

Chair Yoga, she said, is a form of Yoga that can be performed using a normal office chair at the workplace.

Catlette said that it is important for individuals to get up several times a day and move around, for optimal health.

Currently, Catlette teaches on Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. and a Chair Yoga instruction course at noon. She also has Chair Yoga classes on Sundays at 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.


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