Major transfer of prisoners signals closure of Unit 29 at Parchman

Gov. Tate Reeves promised just a few weeks ago that he would see that Parchman’s infamous Unit 29 was shuttered.

Today, Reeves announced a “major prisoner transfer” from the unit thanks to a new agreement with Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility.

“375 inmates were transferred there during the initial surge of violence, and these remaining prisoners will be transported in the coming weeks,” a release from Reeves’ office said today. “The physical transfer began this morning. This is a temporary housing solution to quickly and safely remove inmates from the environment at Unit 29 of Parchman, while a long-term solution is identified.”

“We also need to remember why we’re doing all of this. We need a Department of Corrections that corrects criminal behavior. We need a department that prevents future violence or crimes. We don’t want anyone who leaves this system to return. We want them to go on to lead lives of purpose, meaning, and dignity,” said Reeves at a press conference to update the public on his efforts to reform the department. “Justice must be our focus—for all Mississippians. We have never forgotten that during our work to restore order, and it will be an ongoing effort throughout our time in office.”

According to the release, “ the Reeves administration renegotiated the price for housing, achieving a nearly 5% reduction in the cost per prisoner. The inmates will now be housed at a rate of $62.50/day compared to the previous $65/day rate. Only death row—which is required by law to remain on the premises—and a support services building which helps maintain the rest of the prison will remain in operation.”


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