Monday’s Take: A great trip to Atlanta

In the photo, Ellie enjoys her view from the cheap seats. 


The Atlanta Braves are done. 


I can say I am truly grateful to have seen a playoff game. 


Callie and I bought tickets for the game and attempted to replicate the college road trip model. 


Our Indianola friend, Judd Williams came with the four of us, and we had a blast. 


As for the series, it’s hard to second guess anything management may have done wrong because the professionals paid to play the game did not respond in key situations. 


The Braves pitchers walked more than two dozen Dodgers batters in four games. 


They gave up 14 runs on the long ball. 


The hitters were even worse. 


Ronald Acuna’s grand slam and Freddie Freeman’s go-ahead homer in Sunday night’s game were about the only excitement all series. 


The Braves offense did not score in 33 of 36 innings over four games. 


Many veteran batters popped out on the first pitch with runners on, and the baby Braves - save Acuna - showed their age. 


I sincerely hope the Braves management does not go on the excuse tour this winter claiming we should be happy with the performances in this series and that the players are excused for poor play because “we’re not supposed to be here.”


The 2003 Marlins were not supposed to be there, but they eliminated the Cubs and beat the Yankees in the World Series. 


If you miss the playoffs, you don’t say, “we weren’t supposed to be there anyway.”


Why is this acceptable when you make it?


Anyway, my girls did fantastic through all nine innings and I got to see my good friend and Atlanta resident John Florio. 


It was also a good getaway for Callie and I. 


I look forward to seeing what the winter has in store for this team. See you in February, Atlanta. 



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