Rumors fly among the chaos of Parchman riots, escapes


Late week rioting at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, which resulted in three deaths in three days, has also bred chaos and rumors throughout the surrounding communities, mostly fueled on social media.

Some of the rumors were validated early Saturday morning when the Mississippi Department of Corrections confirmed two inmates from Parchman were on the loose, something that had been circulating on Facebook since Friday afternoon, but was unconfirmed until the next morning.

Even that storyline seems to continue to be exaggerated on various social media pages, along with rumors that there are still unreported multiple deaths inside the walls of Parchman.

Sunflower County Coroner Heather Burton, who has been faithful this week about notifying media and the public about the deaths in the northern Sunflower County prison, told The E-T Saturday that there was no indication when she left Parchman on Friday there were more deaths to be reported.

Burton was on duty Friday after the third stabbing death in three days occurred, and she said that she can only confirm that there have been those three deaths related to what MDOC disclosed as gang-related “disturbances.”

Burton said that protocol usually dictates that she is called within 10 to 20 minutes of the discovery of a deceased inmate, and she has not received a call since Friday morning.

As for the escapees, rumors abound regarding the number of inmates who are currently on the run.

Rumors have put the number anywhere from three to over 20 people unaccounted for.

A third inmate, who had been rumored to have escaped, is still behind bars, according to officials, and MDOC has confirmed only the two original suspects, David May and Dillon Williams, as being missing from the grounds.

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