Sunflower County crew helps save woman, daughter from water


A Yazoo City woman and her daughter are alive today because of the help of several strangers, including four from Sunflower County.

Jackie Jenkins, Jack Jenkins, Connor Moore and Seth Todd were looking to unwind last week by doing some fishing on the coast, but that would not be their first experience in the water that day.

They were coming into Yazoo City when they saw that a car had hydroplaned and landed in a ditch full of water.

There were others already at the scene trying to assist, Jack Jenkins told The E-T this week.

“There were these people, they’re in the ditch trying to pull her out and keep the car from sinking,” Jenkins, a 16-year-old Indianola Academy student said, adding that the water was getting dangerously close to drowning the woman and her daughter.

The incident was originally reported by The Yazoo Herald.

Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Terry Gann said at the time that those on the scene used ropes and straps to keep the vehicle from going underwater any further.

Bernard Laird and Brooks Porter apparently busted the back window out with a crowbar and freed the child.

“They got the child out of the water completely and assisted in keeping the driver’s head above water until first responders got to the scene,” Gann told the Herald.

Jenkins said at first they used a chain from their truck and another vehicle to help keep the car afloat.

When Gann got to the scene, he used his truck to further pull the vehicle out to the point to where the woman was freed.

“If it had not been for the good Samaritans being there when the crash first happened, this would have been a tragic situation,” Gann told the Herald. “They are truly heroes.”

Jenkins and 18-year-old Connor Moore said this was the first time they had ever been involved with an incident like that.

“That was an exciting trip,” Moore said.

The group eventually made it to the coast for a successful fishing trip.

The woman was reportedly taken to a hospital where she received treatment.


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