Thursday's Take: I made the mistake of watching TV...again


 Anybody who knows me well is aware of my sometimes extreme critiques of television shows.

You may wonder with all that’s going on in this crazy world of ours why  I would be taking this time to write a review of a new sitcom, but that’s what this online space is about.

You never know what you’re going to get.

I’m sort of a TV junkie, and I like to rake just about all of them over the coals.

I even critique the ones I like.

Even though I’m sitting there on the couch every Monday, watching like millions of others, I often criticize Better Call Saul.

I think Breaking Bad was one of the best shows ever made, but its spinoff leaves much to be desired.

It doesn’t mean it comes without total merit, but it really has never gained any type of traction for me from a plot standpoint.

I pledged last night, however, that I would never write another negative Facebook post again about Better Call Saul.

That was after I watched the new ABC sitcom Single Parents.

Callie and I had just watched The Goldberg’s, a halfway decent show about the eighties that appears on ABC’s Wednesday’s lineup.

After that concluded, On Demand gave us the opportunity to sample the new offering, so we bit the bait.

Anchored by Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett, the show is a complete disaster.

Without his counterpart Ray Romano, Garrett is helpless to carry a cast of relatively unknown and unheralded actors.

I can say that I have never watched a show that intended to be funny fail to compel me to laugh at least once in the 22 minutes of programming.

That was the case with this one.

I literally never even thought about laughing at any of the horrific lines in this travesty.

I chuckled occasionally at Dr. Ken when it was on TV, and I even laughed out loud at a joke on 704 Hauser.

But this show had no redeeming qualities.

That’s right. It was worse than the failed pilot episode of the 1994 All in the Family spinoff.

In the coming weeks, Hulu is going to try to convince you to watch this show.

You’d be better served to click on the Night Court rerun.

I predict ABC will ride out its six-episode commitment and quickly divorce itself from Single Parents. 



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