Wednesday's Take: What Would McClintock Do?


This past Saturday, I took the family up to The Great Ruleville Roast.

We had a birthday party to attend for my niece and nephew in Yazoo City that afternoon, so we did the morning shift.

Things were just getting started, so there weren’t a lot of families walking around just before 9 a.m.

We got Ellie a wristband so that she could play in the bouncy house and slide on the giant inflatable slide.

She did that about 25 times, and we were fine with it as long as it wore her out and she took a nap on the way to Yazoo, but no such luck for us.

She didn’t crash until 8 o’clock Saturday night.

While walking Ruleville’s beautiful downtown, we came across Luster Bayless.

I had been telling Callie about Luster for sometime and his work with many actors, most notably, John Wayne.

Wayne is a personal favorite of mine. I could watch his movies all day long and never get tired of them.

Luster shares a lot of The Duke’s qualities, as you can tell Wayne had a profound impact on his life.

The first movie that Luster worked with Wayne on was 1963’s McClintock. That was also a personal favorite of mine growing up.

I can remember wearing out the VHS tape of that movie, laughing at the dialogue and the stunts.

It’s most famous for its ending, which I won’t give away too much, but I’ll say The Duke was a firm believer in corporal punishment when it came to spouses.

It’s not the kind of movie that would be made today, and had it not been for Wayne’s own Batjac Productions being behind it, the movie might not have even gotten the nod back then.

While standing outside of Luster’s Hollywood costume museum, I snapped a picture of Ellie in front of the McClintock movie poster.

I don’t believe in spanking wives, and I can hardly bring myself to spat the girls when they are misbehaving. In fact, when I'm faced with some situation where I might get angry at home, I often ask, "What would McClintock do?" Then I do just the opposite. For my own safety.

But I do hope that my girls grow up with the kind of sense of humor that will allow them to watch classics like this and enjoy them rather than be enraged.



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