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The number of colleges and universities nationwide that confront student food insecurity continues to rise.
Miss Mississippi Mary Margaret Hyer paid a special visit to Indianola last Friday. Hyer made her appearance at Planters Bank’s Catchings Ave.
U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, who represents Sunflower County as part of Congressional District 2, continues to put the pressure on the Mississippi Department of Corrections.
North Sunflower Academy second grader Addy DeBower treated several of the linemen working in the northern part of the county to restore power to breakfast one morning this week to show her appreci
A Facebook post and an apparent personal plea from Indianola Parks and Recreation Director Carolyn O'Neal resulted in a group of parents and community members showing up for Tuesday night's Sunflo

Cops and Robbers October 18, 2018

Indianola police made the following arrests,

On October 10 at 10:08 a.m., Kayla Johnson, 20, 408 Sunflower Ave., was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct—disturbance of family peace after she assaulted her stepfather, a 32-year-old West Herman Johnson Street man, while police were present.

All hope is not lost : Hurricane Michael victims get taste of Indianola’s kindness after storm


Lost Pizza Co. owners Preston Lott and Brooks Roberts live less than an hour from Panama City Beach, Fla., a place left ravaged by the category 4 Hurricane Michael last week.

They made the trip back to the Delta to wait out the storm, which would eventually veer east from their homes in Santa Rosa Beach.

Citizens ask county to slow speed bump installations


The Sunflower County Board of Supervisors’ attempt to make some rural routes safer for residents has hit a few bumps.

The county has installed engineer-approved speed deterrent devices on Fisackerly and Beaverdam Roads,  among others, but some motorists are complaining that the bumps are a nuisance and even against state law.



Leslie H. Anderson passed away on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. Leslie was born on February 5, 1957... READ MORE

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Inmates got all the way to Tennessee before capture