Cops and Robbers April 25, 2019

Indianola police made the following arrests,
On April 16 at 5:30 p.m., Joseph Patrick Stewart, 53, 1117 Wright Street, Greenwood was arrested and charged with shoplifting after a Walmart employee said he stole a $35 Bluetooth device.

In other calls,
On April 17 at 10:49 a.m., a 32-year-old Janet Davis Circle woman said someone broke into her 2004 GMC Yukon and stole a pair of brown sunglasses and two pairs of Jordan shoes valued at $170 each, plus two of the centerpieces from her tire rims valued at $80. She told officers that she was able to identify the person from the video footage of her neighbor's security camera and a 57-year-old West Gresham Street man is listed as the suspect.
On April 17 at 7:49 a.m., a Moore Street, Inverness man said that on April 13 at around 11 a.m., he was traveling south on Church Street when he hit two places in the road that caused both of the rims and tires on the passenger’s side of his 2002 Ford Crown Victoria to be damaged and he estimated the damage to be around $620. The man told officers he was only driving between 15 and 20 miles per hour.
On April 17 at 9:36 a.m., a 19-year-old Gardner Street man said someone used his Global Cash Card to pay a $200 Atmos Energy bill and he does not have an account with Atmos Energy.
On April 16 at 7:41 a.m., a 47-year-old North Walker Circle woman said someone came into her yard and shattered the back driver’s side window on her 2009 Nissan Maxima.
On Thursday at 2:07 a.m., officers spotted a tan 2011 Chevy Tahoe in the road near Sunflower Avenue and Percy Street that had apparently hit a utility pole. The driver was a Sunflower Avenue man.
On Sunday at 10:19 p.m., a Jefferson Street woman said her ex-boyfriend, a 40-year-old Oklahoma Avenue man, threatened to hurt her and to shoot up her house.
On April 16 at 3:51 p.m., a 31-year-old Northhawn Drive, Jackson man said he noticed a $386 payment to Selecta Motors on his credit card that he did not authorize. A 24-year-old Swayze Street, Yazoo City woman is listed as the suspect.
On Friday at 3:12 p.m., a 24-year-old Dublin Street, Greenville woman, who is an employee of Save the Children Early Head Start Center, said a Beaverdam Road woman, who is the parent of a student, threatened her while she was at work.
On Thursday at 8:37 a.m., a 26-year-old East Grand Avenue, Inverness woman said a 23-year-old Maple Street, Rolling Fork woman jumped out of her car and took her iPhone XS in the 700 block of Coolidge Street. Officers were called to the area because of a suspicious person.

On April 15 at 3:01 p.m., someone called officers to the 100 block of Curtis Street because someone in a primer-colored, older model Cutlass was driving recklessly. When officers arrived, the car, driven by a 36-year-old Lunar Circle man was that the intersection of Curtis Street and Garrard Avenue. The man was not wearing a seatbelt; he drove into a parking lot and ran away. Officers allegedly found 9 grams of crystal methamphetamines inside of the car along with an LG cell phone and a credit card. Officers swabbed the steering wheel, impounded the car and collected a water bottle with DNA.
On Thursday at 11:37 p.m., a 37-year-old Second Avenue woman said a 23-year-old Garrard Avenue woman threatened her.
On April 16 at 4:56 p.m., a 25-year-old Terrance Drive woman said a 23-year-old Terrance Drive man threatened her.
On Monday at 8:39 a.m., an Easy Street woman, driving a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe, was reportedly arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident, no driver's license and no insurance, after a Westside Avenue man, driving a 2015 GMC Sierra, said that while he was stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of Hannah and Roosevelt streets, the woman, who was in front of him, put her vehicle in reverse, hit the front of his truck and drove off.
On Saturday at 3:35 p.m., a 42-year-old Cox Street man said he had been shot in the back of the head after officers were called to the South Sunflower County Hospital emergency room. However, it was later discovered that he had not been shot and alcohol use is reportedly suspected.
On Sunday at 10:54 a.m., officers were called to the 200 block of Jackson Street regarding property damage to a 2004 GMC Z-71 pickup truck and a 2018 Nissan Altima that occurred at the Love's Truck Stop. A 31-year-old Lee Street woman and a 31-year-old Birdsong Street woman are listed as the drivers.
On Monday at 11:44 p.m., an 80-year-old Easy Street woman said a 30-year-old Short Street, Greenville woman threatened to burn her house down and she wants to file charges against her.
On Friday at 9:12 p.m., a 21-year-old Slim Street woman said a 21-year-old Wilson Avenue, Shaw man was chasing her in her vehicle.
On Saturday at 2:53 a.m., officers were called to the Canterbury Apartments on Airport Road reportedly because of domestic violence. An 18-year-old Wiggins Road woman is listed as the complainant and a 19-year-old Airport Road man is the suspect.

The following persons were booked into the Sunflower County jail April 16 to April 23,
On Friday at 3:54 p.m., Jasmine Allen, 20, 3081 Ash Road, Greenville was arrested and charged with speeding and careless driving.
On Friday at 6 p.m., John Roland Harris, 38, 1002 Cypress St., Cleveland was arrested and charged with no proof of liability insurance, DUI (first offense) and careless driving.
On Friday at 10:16 p.m., Ridgley Mason Jr., 21, 212 Wilson Ave., Shaw was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic violence.
On Saturday at 4:10 p.m., Jarvis Terrell Moore, 19, 810 Airport Road was arrested and charged with domestic violence simple assault.
On Monday at 7:32 p.m., Bessie Shanklin, 52, 204 North Belzoni Road, Isola was arrested and charged with counterfeiting (uttering forgery).
On Monday at 11:11 p.m., Mary Ann Watson, 62, 145 McCaleb Road was arrested and charged with simple assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.
On Tuesday at 3:48 a.m., Cassandra Mazette Beckworth, 38, 406 Hampton St., was arrested and charged with trespassing after notice of non-permission.



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Betty Sue Mallette, 80, of Indianola, passed away Friday Sept. 13, 2019, in Pontotoc.

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