Alone on the Playground: An anti-bullying campaign


This four part series will address bullying with our children and college students who are about to embark on their educational journey next month. 

As a survivor and advocate of anti-bullying campaigns, I am obligated to instill hope in those who are experiencing bullying antics towards them in their classrooms and also their college campuses. 

You are not alone. Speak to your parents or someone who will not only listen but take action with your school or work administrators to address your plight.

Your “difference” does not make you a victim…it makes your testimony one of victory.

A lot of adults experienced forms of bullying during their school years and can attest that there are emotional scars and physical wounds that still linger to this day.

I confess that I experienced bullying in elementary school.  This public health series by me entitled,   “Alone on the Playground” is a documentary that I began this year in order to share the importance of conquering the life- long emotional and physical scars and wounds of bullying .

A young heart is precious.

Where does bullying start? 

Honestly, it is not surprising that bullying  can actually start in the victim’s home setting among family and friends first.

Name calling, body shaming, and the ostracizing of the “different one” are the foundation builders of a possible continuation of this occurring in the school setting.

This is often viewed as harmless by many.

They consider it as merely “teasing or picking on you” but this is a lethal injection of harassment into the minds and hearts of the victims.

These insults can lead to low self esteem, depression, declines in school participation and their grades, early sexual encounters and molestation to obtain acceptance and approval as well as suicide.

Words have the power of life and death. Brutal words can kill a dreamer, a creator or positivity in an individual.

Why Me?

Maybe you are not as smart or, in some cases, you are maybe too smart for your peers and this causes a problem.

You may exhibit poor or even strong athletic skills that may pose a problem.

You may dress or not dress according to the cliques’ standards.  Your skin color or race may or may not be acceptable among your peers.

These two conditions can not be changed.  Bleaching  your skin color will not change your race or ethnicity. You can and will be discriminated against regardless because cliques exist everywhere.

What can I do as a Victim? This is the world that we live in and we have to prepare our children for it.  Self-love is the best love of all.

Please know that you are not alone. Speak to your parents or someone who will not only listen but take immediate action with your family or school administrators to address your plight.

Your “difference” does not make you a victim…it makes your testimony one of victory.

What can we do about this as an parent or guardian? Anti-Bullying Campaigns are considered not only as a national concern but as a state, county, community, family, church, educator and school administrative issue that requires that everyone involved become actively INVOLVED.

There are also legislative laws passed to enforce bullying prevention.

There are resources online that offer assistance to instigate this process such as the Mississippi Department of Education and the Mississippi Coalition Against  Sexual Assault to name a couple

Let’s keep all children and the environments into which we send them in prayer every day.

Visit the schools often and participate in school activities to keep a watchful eye. As adults, let us watch and listen to our children…our next generation.


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