Brutal August heat and November cold snap


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

Dang, where did fall go? Has anyone seen my warm gloves?

Boy howdy, temps have fallen below the frost line at night and aren’t seeing much in the way you’d call warm for the near future.

My current zip code got a foot of snow and single digit temps that are definitely not a fall delight. But, each and every year, I think about the summer and the 100 plus in the Delta and I don’t complain about either one. I’ve got to go through one to get to the other and keep living life and I like to wear less clothes than more clothes so there’s that.

But anyway, who’s excited that today, Candy Crush turns seven years old? Yes, the phone app that has probably made more folks walk into trees, street signs, fall off sidewalks and much more is still out there wreaking havoc.

So, there’s that. But November to me is all about championships. My childhood memories of #nolabeat and watching the Colonels dominate Jackson Prep and add to their pile of trophies tops the list for me.

The grainy images of Davis Sykes lumbering downfield, Robert Van Poindexter sprinting toward the goal line and Tim Horn and company creating a terrorizing defense that any college or NFL team would salivate over.

To me their excellence was the norm, the foundation and where I thought teams started. I didn’t know how special it all was until I started playing and saw what wind sprints and Oklahoma and hitting the blocking sled were all about. When you have to pursue excellence on a football field and see what ingredients are crucial, you get a much clearer picture and understanding of pain and sacrifice for the greater good.

The chill in the air may bring discomfort but it also brings the memory of putting on warm clothes and going to watch Coach McGuire’s Colonels and later Coach O’Hara teach folks how football is supposed to be played. Tomorrow night, the 2019 version of the Colonels will line up against Winona Christian in some brisk November weather. Just remember, boys, this is what August practice was all about. Take another step on that championship road.


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