Don’t fall for candidate’s pitches


Do you ever think you are living in the midst of a horror movie? 

Do you ever think you went to bed and awoke in a mental hospital? If so,have you been watching the announced Democratic candidates for president? 

Where did the Democratic Party find these people? 

You have one who wants to give every young person who qualifies $46,000.00, and he thinks legalizing marijuana is a great idea. 

We have one who wants to legalize prostitution.  “Crazy” Bernie wants to change America from “bottom to top.” Others claim to be “Democratic Socialists,” whatever that means, and others think it is a great idea to offer a free college education. 

Still others think that Medicare for all is a very good idea.

America just racked up $22 trillion dollars in debt. 

Yet these candidates, many of whom have been elected by the American people, are out on the stump proposing policies that would crash our economic system in very short order. 

One of the great Democratic lies is, “The rich are not paying their fair share.” 

Every Democratic candidate spouts this line knowing that it is false. 

But their gullible constituents want to punish successful people, take away their money and property, and make everyone equally miserable. 

Apparently, America is no longer the land of opportunity to these candidates who no longer believe that any one of us can rise to the top of the economic scale.Ingenuity and hard work mean nothing. 

Their attitude is simple.  “The more successful you become, the more you must be punished.”

But we have a few Democrats who have not announced for president whom I believe may be clinically insane.  Senator Richard Blumenthal is one I have in mind. 

This man claimed that he was in Vietnam during the war leading men in battle.

He claims that people were dying all around him, yet he charged on, a hero in his own mind. 

You may have heard the President discuss Senator Blumenthal and point out that he was never in a battle in Vietnam.  He just made it up. 

How do people like this get elected to represent a state and its people?  The answer escapes me.

Blumenthal is an open borders senator.  He has never seen a TV camera that he didn’t love, and he is always talking about how insane Trump is, how a wall is nothing but an ego trip for Trump, and that he opposes “Trump’s emergency declaration.” 

Just in February alone, 76,000 illegal aliens attempted to cross the border. 

Our immigration system was not designed to handle these numbers of people. 

We are in the midst of an invasion, and yet, Blumenthal sees no problem.  The only problem he sees is that “pregnant women are handcuffed by the border patrol.”

But we have some Republicans who are finding themselves on the “insane” list. 

They include Rand Paul, Lamar Alexander, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins.  Lamar Alexander (R-TN) is not running for re-election, but the others are. 

Hopefully, every one of them will be defeated.  Alexander has announced that he will not support his president and vote for President Trump’s national emergency proclamation.  Susan Collins (R-ME) wakes up in a new world every morning.  She does not support the President. 

How this woman continues to be elected is beyond me.  Rand Paul (R-KY) is a smart man who is by trade an ophthalmologist. 

According to retired Senator Harry Reed, he is a good doctor, but I question whether or not he should be in the senate. 

To announce that you will not support your president, especially when the legislature has not done its job, is enough to send Paul back to his eye clinic.

Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) continues to show a lack of judgement for the people of Alaska. 

Donald Trump has done more for Alaska than the last three presidents combined, yet she will not vote for the emergency declaration.  I suppose that not many illegal aliens are finding their way to Alaska so she thinks it’s none of her business.  She also voted “present” on the confirmation of Justice Kavanagh.  Along with Susan Collins, it is past time for this senator to retire.

Could it be that President Trump is the only sane person in Washington?

 I think I could make a very strong argument that he is.  Between the legalization of prostitution and charging up a phantom hill in Vietnam, I don’t really think winning this argument will be difficult. 

“Build the Wall,” Mr. President! Don’t allow the clinically insane to stop you.


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.

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