Don’t let stress overtake you


I awoke about 3 yesterday morning burning up, drenched in sweat, which also led to a sinus flare up. I proceeded to check the thermostat. It was set to 68; my fan and ceiling fan were on as well.

I’m thinking, “Why am I so hot?” while crawling back in bed, pulling the covers over me. (Is there anyone else like me? Regardless of how hot it is, I cannot sleep without being under the sheets or covers?)

Anyway, I lie there for a minute, and it hit me. I was hot because I had my heated blanket on. I didn’t realize that I had it on because I sleep with it EVERY NIGHT. It has become a norm for me. (CATCH THAT)...but you know what? I refused to turn it off. I love it sooo much. I laid there, covered in my heated blanket, still burning up; eventually I fell asleep again and awoke around 6:45....still hot! It’s just something about this heated blanket

Crazy right? I on....

My point...

Sometimes the very things and people we love are the very things and people keeping us up at night...causing us to lose sleep, STRESSED, & DEALING WITH ALL KINDS OF ISSUES.

...and then because we’ve fallen in love with it and its dysfunction-because that’s exactly what it is-, we accept it as normal and buy into the deception that, THAT’S JUST HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE...causing us to adjust (like I did when l went back to sleep), finding comfort in it...continuing to live in it...

Why have we normalized dysfunction? Why have we grown comfortable in uncomfortable situations? Why do we think we have to stay in abusive (verbally, mentally, emotionally, & physically) relationships and marriages JUST because of the history, that has caused us to become comfortable? careers or at jobs working for bosses who don’t value us and where we are not being fulfilled JUST because of the history, that has caused us to become comfortable? friendships that have proven their disloyalty over and over again JUST because of the history, that has caused us to become comfortable?


There is nothing normal about dysfunction. A lot of us can’t get healed because we do not realize that we’re even sick...simply because we’ve made what’s not normal, normal.

Help us, God!!!!


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