A few off the beaten path gift ideas


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

Chocolates and roses are always on standby.

Heck, even some jewelry and a few select lillies can say “I love you” and “won’t you be my Valentine?”

But what about something a bit more out of the box? Every year in February men fret and fumble and wring their hands (at least I do) about what to do, where to go and how to present their valentine an appropriate gift.

But maybe it’s time to spice things up and throw caution to the wind and think outside of that Russell Stover box of Forrest Gump chocolates.

How about a trip to Shelby to meet and tour the world of gunmaker Tim Thompson? This high-level gunsmith creates handguns and rifles from scratch.

Though not cheap this long-lasting and accurate-on every-shot weapon from one of the world’s best would definitely says, “I love you.”

The Bill’s Custom Automatics craftsman creates weaponry for shooting competitions, hunting and much more.

Flowers are always a hit but what about a different type of bouquet?

At Boston Market on Valentine’s Day only you can get a bouquet of ribs for $30. Now the catch is the closest locations are in Lafayette and Polk, Louisiana.

I don’t know how good the ribs are and you could probably make your own or maybe hit up Stafford’s Market and Deli and have him create you a fried rib bouquet of sorts. But what says I love you more than some slow cooked pork goodness?

There are plenty of Do It Yourself ideas out there on the world wide web including love coupons, pre-planned date ideas, Seven Days of Love where you fill a pill box reminder with tiny treats, surprises and messages.

Putting vitamins in may not be the best idea and you may want to find a bigger pill box if you get creative. You can thank me later for the joy this shall bring your special day.

A personalized gift will bring the most delight and one filled with personal photos (Safe for Work Please) should be a ringer as a gift to express love.

Just make sure there’s plenty of photo paper in the printer or wherever you get your pictures printed.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you could have that McNeer fellah from Drew come over and dig a pool and set up some seamless gutters and his mosquito spray system.

Nothing says I love you like let’s take a dip in a mosquito-less setting! And you can double down on that gift with a one, two- or three-year subscription to The Enterprise Tocsin or hey, maybe take out a ¼ page, ½ page or full-page ad to demonstrate your undying devotion and love.

It’s much less painful than getting a tattoo or so I’ve heard.

Love can be expressed in a million different ways but a shrimp plate at Peasoup’s would do it for me.

But a few sunny days back to back would be a Valentine just about everyone would appreciate these days.

Be sure and make him or her feel special and loved, add a personal touch or two and think out of the chocolate box or use it as a foundation to build a creative gift.

Alrighty, now y’all have a peaceful and prosperous Valentine’s Day!


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