Have our representatives lost it?


Some people blame the insanity that’s sweeping the country on Trump Derangement Syndrome, but I have a feeling that it goes deeper. 

If one takes an objective look at Congress, at least half of our representatives are neurotic if not psychotic.  “Nervous” Nancy Pelosi has severe psychological problems that can only be cured with shock treatment. 

Additionally, she may need to check into an alcohol treatment facility and take the “cure.”

Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the House, is one step away from a mental institution. 

Trump has him fawning at the mouth, popping pills, and talking out of his head.  Most of the things he advocates have been investigated ad nauseam. 

He wants to re-investigate the Mueller Report to see what attorney-general William Barr is hiding. 

He is sure that President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from the chosen one, Hillary Clinton.  But not only is Congress near a nervous breakdown, we have liberals - leftists - in society who are near the breaking point.

I had the unfortunate task of talking with a liberal “Snowflake” last week, and what impressed me about our conversation was how ignorant this person was. 

He is all for impeaching the President.  “Why?” I asked.  “Because he shouldn’t be president. 

The Russians helped him.”  “Mueller said he didn’t get any help from the Russians,” I offered.  “That is not what the report said,” the Snowflake said defiantly.  “Impeach him.  Do it now!”

I thought carefully for a moment, then asked, “What happens if the House of Representatives impeaches President Trump?”  “Well, then, he is removed from office immediately.  He clears out of the White House, and I hope the FBI is there to arrest him.  Hillary will then become President because she had the election stolen.”

“Young Snowflake,” I responded.  “Have you read the Constitution of the United States recently?”

“Well, I know what impeachment means, and it means removing Trump from office.”

“Before you leap from a tall building, young liberal, the Constitution does not say that Trump is removed from office if the House impeaches him. The House acts as a grand jury and brings impeachment charges against him.  The Senate conducts the trial.  He has to be convicted in the Senate before he is removed from office.  Should he be removed, Hillary would not become president.  Mike Pence would be the new president, but removing President Trump from office will not happen. 

Why do you suppose “Nervous” Nancy is against impeachment?  She understands that removing Trump from office is impossible. 

The only way to remove him is at the ballot box, and good luck with that.  Remember the old saying.  “If you attack the king, you had better kill him; otherwise, he will kill you.”

Luckily, I had my pocket Constitution with me.  After showing him the impeachment clause, the Young Snowflake muttered something under his breath as he walked away.  I think he said, “I need a drink.”

What has happened to basic civics? 

What are young people being taught in high school?  A study of the Constitution should be required since it is the document that governs our federal government. 

But there are young Snowflakes across the nation who sincerely believe that if Trump is impeached, Hillary will become president. 

Finding out that the exact opposite is true has to damage their already fragile psychological conditions.


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