Hawkins: The real truth about Satan


I’m honestly overwhelmed by the kind words given to me by several ministers in regards to my last column about how the savior was lost in translation.

To my surprise some of them already knew that Jesus wasn’t a name, but didn’t have a clue of how to break the news to their congregation. I’m truly grateful for their embracement of me.

I’m certain that once people truly understand the Bible and its significance, it will have a deeper meaning to all people. Like eggs and sausages no one wants to know how it’s made as long as it tastes good. 

For this column I’ve decided to define/decode/translate the truth behind Lucifer and Satan, and boy are you in for a treat.

The lyrics in the rapper Eminem’s song “Monster” states “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed. Get along with the voices inside of my head.” And WWE superstar Randy Orton’s theme song voices states “I hear voices in my head. They council me, they understand. They talk to me” These two clever songs are about the Ego- the chief culprit in all human unhappiness. The ego is your “social self,” the illusory image of you, and the karmic collection of all your life experiences.

Webster’s Dictionary defines ego as the “I that feels, acts and thinks; the self.”

Ego is distinguished by the fact that it is self-centered, self-obsessed, and self-absorbed. Psychologists consider the ego as man’s false self, the master manipulator and precursor not only personal unhappiness but virtually all the social evils of our lifetime.

The ego is the shadow you that is responsible for all those insignificant thoughts created to irritate and aggravate.

In the original Hebrew scripture, Isaiah the prophet tells the story of a Babylonian king who fell from grace for mistreating the children of Israel.

However in 342 AD Saint Jerome re-wrote and translation the Hebrew story using the Latin word Lux (Light) Ferre (To bring) pronounced Lucifer and a fallen angel. The Roman goddess Venus was also called lux ferre and this was and still is a metaphor for love falling or loss of love.

Satan is an ancient Hebrew word that originally means the enemy inside all men. However with the emergence of Christianity, the meaning was limited.

You see mankind has always wanted to harness the power of God exclusively for himself.

In the Gospels according to Luke 4:1-14, Matthew 4:1-11, and Mark 1: 11-13, Yeshua, better known to us as Jesus goes into the dessert for 40 days without food and water to prepare himself for the pain and suffering he must endure while spreading his ministry.

And while he was there he was tempted by Satan, the savage beast that lurks in all mankind.

In the scripture Jesus conquers Satan and the message of this passage is he who conquers himself is the greatest of warriors. 

During the crucifixion Jesus is quoted saying “take up your cross, deny self and follow me” (Matthew 16:24).

The self that Jesus was talking about is the illusory-ego-self.

One of the biggest problems in modern churches is the study of God and not the study of us, which only caused more pain and suffering. 

People need to know that they have the power to create and destroy and that all men good or bad are defendants of God.

If Churches focus more on educating mankind and his strengths, weaknesses and ability to create or destroy then maybe we will be able to identify Satan when he’s positioning himself inside us.


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