Lawson: Does your identity produce freedom?


The word minister means to serve.

That’s the definition…so guess what; you are a minister because you serve in some capacity or another.

Serving brings forth so much freedom when you do it the right way. There is a wrong and a right way to do everything.

For example, the pastor that neglects his immediate family and remains in his study for hours upon hours, rightly dividing the word of God to teach the flock, is doing it all wrong.

What kind of leader would serve those outside of his home, but neglect the ones that need him the most?

With everything, there has to be balance and that is very important when it comes to teaching and living according to the word of God.

So what about this freedom? Where does it come into play?

Glad you asked!

We have to understand that when we are attempting to live according to the word of God, we should also be watching the example of Jesus Christ. He is the one that literally came to show us how to do it. Some of us have been shown a false aura of holiness from those that have come before us. This aura only shows up on Sundays. That’s right, many people act one way in church and act a totally different way Monday – Saturday. There are people out there longing to fill the void in their hearts with Jesus, but question Christianity when they see a “Church Member” acting as if they are not saved at all. I understand that we all have issues that we are working on but, shouldn’t there be some type of indicator or fruit that one should have from attending church and learning how to get a more intimate relationship with God?

It’s a heavy question but one that must be asked.

This is where the freedom part comes into play. Freedom comes from learning, understanding, and implementing God’s word to produce an unwavering security in your identity.

“For in him we live and move and have our being.' As some of your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring.' (Acts 17:28).”

A person who takes the time to actually learn and cultivate a relationship with God will begin to understand what his or her purpose is on this earth, just as Jesus knew His purpose.

Jesus came to show us what we could do and accomplish as man. Everything that He did, we can do as well, but Jesus never acted one way on the Sabbath and a different way every other day of the week. Jesus remained the same everywhere He went with everything that He did. He was patient, kind, loving, understanding, and definitely had a way with words. He had the ability to correct through parables. He was secure in his identity.

Don’t succumb to learned behavior when it comes to the word of God, instead, minister through your life. Become secure in your identity and you will be free to bless others.

The light of Christ that shines in you is your weapon to point in any direction of darkness. Light up the world! God bless you.


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.

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