National Nurses Week – Talk about heroes, here they are


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

It’s the week to celebrate all nurses everywhere on every level – from the local clinic to hospitals and every medical office in between.

Now my introduction to the profession of nursing came courtesy of Dr. Phillips and his office in Moorhead where Mrs. Wakham and Mrs. Foley took care of business. Those two nurses took temperatures, gave shots and pretty much ran things for the good doctor.

And I was scared to death of them.

But they were just doing their job and keeping us all healthy or getting us back to being healthy. Now I’ve met nurses at every zip code stop in my life and they all seem to have one thing in common.

They love their jobs.

Now imagine every day at your job you have to go see sick and hurting folks. You have to take their temperature, smile and offer courage where none is found. Imagine if you didn’t know what was on the other side of the work door every day.

There could be a broken arm thanks to a rambunctious horse ride, a fever that won’t subside, a mangled cut from a bicycle jump gone wrong or someone who just doesn’t feel right and needs to figure out why.

There could be a parade of shots one day for all ages.

They assist doctors who come in all shapes and sizes who ask them to daily take the chaos of the medical world and tame it a bit so they can get a better look see at the problem. Our county has plenty of these heroes from South Sunflower County Hospital to the North Sunflower Medical Center and stretched across the backroads and byways of our counties.

These women and men greet us and man the front line of all things medical.

When folks were sick and dying in New York and other locales from COVID-19, they rushed in from states all over to answer the call to help.

Yes, they were offered great pay but they put their lives into the unknown dangers of this new medical world, worked impossible hours and then rejoiced with those who made it through and mourned with the families of those who didn’t. It’s not about the dollars or the fancy colorful scrubs I’m sure.

It’s about helping. It’s about healing. It’s generally about loving and caring and making someone whole again. Then waking up and doing it all over again.

They are the first ones we see in times of medical trouble and trauma and they are the last we see on our journey to wellness as we walk out the door. Ironically, they are the folks you really don’t want to have to go see but you’re sure glad they are there when you have to.

Thank you to each and every nurse for all you do. For all that’s seen and for all that’s unseen about your job and vocation. We honor y’all this week but let’s all work on appreciating them for more than just seven days.

And oh, by the way, it hurts when I do this…


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