Opportunity is here


Good Mornin’! Good Mornin’!

When I was in college and I’d call home or when my mother would call me, each phone call inevitably detailed three things: somebody died, it’s been raining and don’t spend any money.

Some things never change and the doom and gloom of life is an easy train to depart on.

There are plenty of statistics for folks to stand up and preach on and show the lack of this and lack of that but across the Delta and more so, Sunflower County, there is opportunity.

Our dear little hamlets that dot the flat land may look a bit more depressed with highways bypassing them and cutting off commerce but the opportunity is still there.

I think of them like an overworked gold mine – it’s time to dig a little deeper and maybe in a different direction because the gold is still down there.

One wouldn’t normally think about Amazon and Mississippi in the same sentence.

The hustling, bustling online retailer that sells everything under the sun and the Magnolia State where farmers are the mainstay just don’t seem to line up.

But Amazon announced that the Top 10 States with the fastest growing small and medium-sized businesses that are selling in Amazon’s stores includes Mississippi.

As a matter of fact, Mississippi is the fastest growing – top of the list, baby! Back in December, Governor Bryant announced that Amazon would have a fulfillment center in Marshall County that would eventually bring in 850 jobs.

Now I know that’s a bit north but with all of the territory in the Delta that once was something else would seem to be a virtual and physical treasure for Mr. Bezos and his crew.

There’s plenty of highway access, though the state will want to continue to upgrade bridges and roads.

Every town across the Delta could take on some sort of fulfillment center and that could help every industry grow. Once the powers that be figure out how to string more powerful WiFi across Sunflower County and beyond, the sky is the limit.

Yes, there are always obstacles to success and bad roads and crumbling bridges are high on that list.

But if you look at the rich land around us and recall that it all was once just a swamp where few folks saw any opportunity it all seems so familiar to today.

Folks will continue to pass, it’s always going to rain but spend your money on the right investments and that phone call will end a bit more happier than it began.


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