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EDITORIAL BY J. A RICHARDSON: Efforts to annul the prohibition laws should be frowned upon. The people have expressed their desire to do away with liquors. Prohibition is here to stay and any man who stands in the way is worse than a fool.

SCHOOL NEWS: The new basketball suits have arrived and since the school colors are black and yellow, they make the campus scream to high heaven when the team comes out.

ELECTION NEWS: The election for town officers went off pleasantly Tuesday. There was little interest shown. It seems that those who won really lost. The duties of a municipal officer with all the cussing one gets, and the worry attached with it, well, it’s too much for the salary received.

AD: HOTEL PITTS FOR SALE: Partially furnished, price and terms right, will trade for land. PITTS AND WEEKS.



ANNOUNCEMENT: Mrs. D. E. (Blanche) Kilby is the new owner of Flowers by Irene.

ELECTION NEWS: Voter turn-out was very poor for the city election. There were only three out of fifteen candidates who won a clear-cut victory in the Democratic primary election. They were James Andrews, Jerry Stevens and Ira Crosby. There will be a runoff for Mayor between D. L. Cole and Joe Buchanan. Two more members of the board will be determined by the race between W. D. Hemphill and Phillip Fratesi. The other is between Clark Johnson and Fred Davis.

INDIANOLA HIGH SCHOOL NEWS:  Player of the week for the Indians is No. 41, Buster Jennings, a 175-pound junior offensive tailback. Buster gained 47 yards in nine carries, kicked one field goal and three extra points in last week’s game.



FRONT PAGE NEWS: Indianola Police Department Patrolman Michael Taylor and former reserve Officer Ricky Dale Horton have been arrested in the slaying of their fellow officer, Larry King. Taylor is depicted in the above photo serving as a pallbearer at King’s funeral

The two have appeared before Justice Court Judge Charlotte Buchanan for an Initial Appearance.

They are both being held without bond in an undisclosed location.

MDCC NEWS: Mississippi Delta Community College held its annual alumni meeting during homecoming. Gail Oswalt of Moorhead was elected Secretary/Treasurer.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE BY REV. ALLEN BAILEY:  I will never forget Halloween of 1981. It was a rainy night, so much so that the children could not get out to trick or treat.

I thought my wife, Lavell, had gone upstairs to bed when the doorbell rings. I gladly go to the door to treat the trickers.

There stood this person draped in a sheet, soaking wet with a mask on.

She said, “Trick or Treat” and dropped the sheet There stood my wife just as she was the day she was born. In one split second, another preacher “come and gone,”



Winners of the Second Annual MDCC Memorial Golf Tournament at the Indianola Country Club were Chester Holloway, Joe Seymour, David Jenkins and Don Reynolds of Indianola.

Winners of the tennis division were Susan Gilbert and Allison Price.

The runner-up team was Cindy DeLoach and Charisse Oberle of Leland.


Fifty years ago, Buster Jennings was a star football player for Indianola High School. Today he is well known as the owner and operator of Jennings Welding and Machine Works on Highway 82. After high school, Buster attended Mississippi State University. While attending college he and the former Paula Cefalu of Leland married. They have two sons, Dr. Jason Jennings and Dr. Will Jennings.

Both Jason and Will followed their dad’s footsteps by being outstanding athletes and scholars at Indianola Academy. Jason has a dental practice in Cleveland and Will has a medical practice in Tupelo. Buster and Paula have four grandchildren.

This writer has wonderful memories of Buster’s growing up days in Indianola.

I was a chaperone for a high school dance and Buster had a date with a pretty girl from Indianola.

In walks this Italian beauty from Leland and put an end to Buster’s dating other girls. He only had eyes for Paula. I also recall that Buster is very artistic.

When the World’s Fair was held in New Orleans, there was an Indianola Day.

The Chamber of Commerce invited several local talented people to attend and display their art.

Buster was one of the artisans. He designed and handmade beautiful little copper pieces. I still have my little copper angel that goes on my Christmas tree each year.

Adult life has brought many changes for Buster Jennings, but one thing has not changed. As a boy, he loved to hunt and fish. That hasn’t changed, only intensified


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.

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