President won State of the Union


I always hate it when  liberal “news analysts” try to explain to me what someone said, President Trump’s State of the Union Speech, for example. 

Most of the time, they concoct some far out liberal message that no one in his right mind believes, so I stay away from these kinds of “news analysts,” especially if they originate at CNN or MSNBC. 

If Rachel Maddow is the analyst, the remote control simply does not work fast enough. 

She may be from another planet, or she may just be mentally ill.  There are others, but we will stop with her.

I will not try to alter your thinking with my analysis of President Trump’s State of the Union Speech other than to say if he had been a batter in the World Series, he would have knocked it out of the park. 

Not only did he hit a home run, but he hit it with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth. 

Most everyone who watched the speech knows this.  The ones who are now curled up in the fetal position are the Democrats. 

They saw the ball gaining height as it sailed over the centerfield wall, and I can assure you that many of them now are looking for a bottle of Mylanta.

Did you notice the body language of the Democrats? 

Nancy Pelosi looked like she needed another drink, and Chuck Schumer looked like a character from a horror movie. 

The camera kept panning over to him, and he never changed his shocked expression. 

He just sat there while President Trump took him down like the 2-year old eccentric mental case that he is. 

He and Nancy may be the most disliked people in America, and from the looks on their faces, they never expected the President to leave the House chamber with a perfect batting record. 

Charisma is a good word; some people have it, and some don’t.  Nancy and Chuck fall in the “don’t” category.

The President exposed the Democrats for who and what they are.  If you watched the speech, you noticed that many of the Democrats appeared unsure when to stand and clap and when to sit on their backsides. 

Even when the President discussed issues that everyone should applaud, the Democrats sat clueless, wondering if Nancy would signal her approval. 

When the World War II soldiers were recognized by the President, a whole slew of Democrats sat on their hands.  Even if they hate the President, which they do, this was something that most Americans in their right minds could applaud.

When the President announced that America would never become a socialist nation, the camera swung over to Bernie Sanders.  If you are unaware, Bernie is a socialist. 

He lives like a capitalist, but that privilege is reserved for him and his wife, and he would prefer it if you lived like someone from Venezuela. 

When he appeared on screen, did you notice how red his face became? 

He was angry! 

He did not like the verbal punishment that Trump was dishing out.  I’m sure that he saw his dreams of turning America into Venezuela floating down the Potomac.

The President took on the abortion issue.  He cited New York and Virginia for their stand on post delivery abortions or infanticide.  Anyone who kills an infant after it has been delivered must be tried for murder because that is exactly what it is.

President Trump has brought out the true insanity in the Democrat Party.  Anyone who watched the speech could readily see that these people are nowhere near normal. 

But to add insult to injury, this week they voted to (1) give sexual predators a taxpayer-funded raise. (2) give the federal government more control over your free speech; and (3) they tried to remove God from the witness oath. 

This is the Democrat Party at work, and one can only hope that they continue to display their total insanity for all to see.  One does not have to be a psychiatrist to recognize severe mental illness.

The kicker in the speech, and it was made directly in front of Nancy, was that the President informed the audience in no uncertain terms that he was going to build the wall. 

With caravan after caravan headed our way, he does not have another choice.  The Democrats know it, and I am sure they will try to deflect their psychotic behavior in some manner. 

But the facts are that 76 percent of those polled approved of the speech, and to Democrats, this represents a problem.  Between the Democrats in Washington and the Democrat circus going on in Virginia, the Democrat Party may be on the verge of imploding.


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