Say yes to God


I am rereading the whole Bible through this plan on the Bible App.

This morning, I read Genesis 26.

As I was reading, verses 12-16 jumped out at me.

In these verses, Isaac, Abraham’s son, had been ordered to remain in a foreign land.

I can only imagine how uncomfortable he must have felt being that the land was foreign; it was unfamiliar territory....but, regardless of how he must have felt, he placed his personal feelings to the side, obeyed the Lord, and remained.

Stay with me...I’m going somewhere with this.

Because of Issac’s obedience- just because he gave the Lord a YES, he harvested more than he had planted.

He acquired so much wealth that Philistines became jealous of him and filled his wells with DIRT. (CATCH THAT).

They even asked Isaac to leave because he had become “too powerful” for them.



In this new year, a lot of us have decided that we want to see more, not just materially, but spiritually as well. And in order for us to see more, it requires a YES to The Lord!

YES, we will come out of that relationship that is not God-ordained!

YES, we will cut off those friends that are not contributing to our growth!

YES, we will come out of fornication and other forms of sexual immortality!

YES, we will stop going places we should not be going!

YES, we will honor God with our finances!


...and check this; our YES to God will make all the difference in our lives!

We will experience PEACE on a new level!

We will be set free from years of bondage! Doors of opportunity that we’ve been awaiting will open! Our finances will start flourishing.

We will go from not enough or just enough to more than enough...

Our harvest will cause people (some that are close to us and some that are not) to become jealous and envious of us and start throwing DIRT on us...but LISTEN, we get to decide how we will let the dirt affect us!  We can either let the dirt bury us, causing us to fall back into our old ways OR we can use thar dirt to keep planting seeds of YESes to harvest even more!

The choice is ours...

"There is not an elevator to success; you have to take the stairs."- Author Unknown


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