Saying something you don’t really mean


Many years ago I was coach of my youngest daughter’s softball team. We lived in a small town and only had two or three teams in the league. We weren’t a league that was well off so we used volunteer umpires during the games.

One particular day I was coaching third base and one of my good friends was the home plate umpire; in fact, he was the only umpire we had for the game. He made a call on a runner going to first base that I objected to. To this day I regret saying anything to him because it caused a thorn to be thrown into our friendship.

How many times do we see or hear something from our family and friends that we object to and end up hurting their feelings. In many instances these actions might be okay but when you are using volunteers to fulfill positions, such as umpiring, you need to be more respectful. When it comes to our family we, in most instances, will take them for granted and spout off with something that can really be calloused or hurtful to their feelings.

We need to pay attention to what we are told in Proverbs 4:23; “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”(NIV)

It is telling us to be attentive to our words because once they are spoken they can never be taken back. We need to guard our hearts according to the Bible and be careful what we allow in it. If we have a heart full of sin and foolishness then this is what will flow out from us. If we have a heart full of love and truth then this is what will come from it. If we keep Christ in our hearts at all times then we are going to speak through His love and caring attitude. Our chastisement and words of disdain will not be there and actions and speech against others will be how we want to be treated.

My friend that was umpiring that particular day took exception to what I said and quit. He told me to umpire the rest of the game. Only after I walked over to where he was at and talked with him did we get this worked out. There is no way that I would intentionally say something to hurt his feelings but I did so without thinking. I have a very competitive spirit and I wanted to win even though it shouldn’t have been about winning or losing but about teaching how to play the game.

My friend did finish umpiring the game and on that day after the game I quit coaching the team. I was in it for the wrong reasons. I was coming from a coach’s perspective and not being the example of good sportsmanship to my team, the fans, or the volunteer umpire. I later became a certified umpire and understood the problems they put up with from the fans and coaches. I also coached at a later date but it was older girls and adult women. I also had a better attitude to what umpires put up with.

In our everyday life we are going to be around people and things of this sinful world. It is up to us what we absorb from the world and allow into our heart. We have the choice. Even though we will never be perfect we can stay in God’s Word and allow Him to control our thoughts and actions. I made the choice to accept Jesus as my personal Savior when I was twelve years old and I have never regretted this decision. Yes, I have fallen into the ways of the world but I always talk to Jesus and ask forgiveness for my sinful actions. How about you? Will you accept Christ as your personal Savior today?



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