Standing on Holy ground


In the early 1990’s I attended the funeral of my uncle where I heard his grandson sing “We are standing on Holy Ground.” It wasn’t the first time I’d heard this song but, this time, it struck something inside of me that let me know that where I am God is with me. Being God’s child reassures me that wherever and whatever I am or doing, He is with me and I am on His ground.

The lyrics of this song speak to any of us that know Him personally and to others who are searching for the peace and tranquility only He can give. There are many people who are hurting and having rough times in their lives. All of us need to understand that through Jesus there is hope, faith, and love regardless of what we may be dealing with or the perils we are going through.

Doing some research about the origin of this song led me to the author, Geron Davis. Davis was just 19 years of age in the early 1960’s when his father asked him to write a song. The song would commemorate the new church building being built that his father was the pastor of.

Even though his father had asked him well before the building was completed Davis put off writing the song until the night before the first service was to be held. Adhering to his promises Davis sat down at the piano on this night and said the Lord gave him the verses and the song was completed in about 15 minutes. Reading the lyrics, I can understand what his inspiration was for this great song.

“When I walk through the doors, I sensed His presence,

And I knew this was a place where love abounds,

For this is a temple the God we love abides here,

Oh, we are standing in His presence on holy ground;

(Chorus) We are standing on holy ground, for I know that there are angels all around,

Let us praise Jesus now, for we are standing in His presence on holy ground;

In His presence I know there is joy beyond all measure,

And at His feet sweet peace of mind can still be found,

For when we have a need He is still the answer,

Reach out and claim it for we are standing on holy ground;

Even though the setting for this great song was a new church building, it doesn’t matter where we are, we are on holy ground. Davis created this song alone and in the stillness of the night and it has become one of the most famous hymns our churches and Christian singers enjoy today.

When we have our quiet time and get into God’s Word, we can also sense what and where God wants us to be. He will speak to us and guide us if we will allow Him to.

It has been a long time since I heard my uncle’s grandson sing this song. He had a tremendous voice and has since joined my uncle in Heaven and is now singing praises to the Lord.


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