Step Outside: Spring cleaning


It seems that Mother Nature has some sort of alarm clock that goes off weekly when it comes to rain showers.

Even with the weekly showers many gardeners have been able to get their fix and play in the dirt with vegetables or flowering annuals.

So how do most people keep from going stir crazy in the spring when it is raining?

Some get to spring cleaning.

Most individuals could spend 90 percent of their time indoors either in the home or in their place of employment, especially in the winter months.

During the dreary cold part of the year being overly active is replaced with getting warm and closing off anywhere that has a draft.

During that time it is very easy for dust and dirt to collect. Also during this period insects were looking for places to survive the winter.

Opening doors and windows helps increase airflow and circulation to rooms and closets that may have been kept closed all winter.

Check and replace filters on refrigerators, heating and cooling units, and dryers or call your local professional to assist you.

Also cleaning windows, baseboards and molding, walls and moving furniture to clean will help reduce or eliminate household allergies and homes of pests such as spiders.

Removing clutter can also reduce the likelihood of inviting cockroaches and others inside the home.

There are numerous homeowner products to use for insect control but most of the time a licensed exterminator should be consulted.

Be very careful when attempting a 'home brew' cleaner that you have heard about as they can often times be harmful to occupants or leave the surface to be cleaned dangerous and damaged.

While having furniture moved around pull out a tape measure and measure the distance of the walkways and coffee tables as these areas pose the most danger to older family members.

If a family member is dependent on a walker or other type of assistive device widen the path allowing them room to maneuver through the house freely without risk.

If you come across furniture or clothes no longer needed, consider donating those items.

Always remember that the only thing worse than being stuck inside during a rainy day is to be stuck inside cleaning during one of spring's gorgeous sunny days.


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