Trust God always


My devotion this morning led me to reread Matthew 15.

While reading, verses 21-28 spoke to me. For those who haven’t read it, Jesus had left Galilee and traveled to Tyre and Sidon with his homeboys (the disciples).

While there, he was approached by a Gentile woman who expressed that her daughter was possessed by demons. She begged for Jesus to come and heal her daughter.

Jesus, just looked at her, He did not say one word. SILENCE.

We probably would say that that was pretty cold huh?

Then Jesus’ homeboys turned to Him and said, “Man, send her away with all that begging. She’s bothering us. We didn’t come here for all that.”

See, I couldn’t have been born back in the Bible days because if I was the woman, I would’ve said to Jesus’ homeboys, “Who is talking to ya’ll anyway? Mind ya business.”


Jesus told the woman, “I only came to help God’s  lost sheep, the people of Israel.”

Stay with me, I’m going somewhere...

The woman did not allow Jesus or Jesus’ homeboys to stop her. She continued to plead and plead and plead.

I guess Jesus saw He could not win and this woman was not letting up. He said to her, “Your FAITH is great. Your request is granted. (Catch that)

And the text ends with- Her daughter was healed instantly!

Here is where I am going...

Some of you have been in pursuit of some things and you have gotten one NO or no answer at all- SILENCE- and you have given up and marked it as, “It must not be in God’s will for me to get that start that have a get that finish school...”

And to add, you’ve allowed that NO to place you in a state of stagnation... fear... doubt. And then not only have you allowed that NO to cause you to give up on that dream but also every other dream after that.... because you fear rejection.  So you’ve settled for being average...for living a life of mediocrity.

Just think...had that Gentile woman given up after Jesus’ SILENCE (which was worse than a NO in my opinion) and His NO, her daughter would not have received her healing.

Let this encourage you-

I do not know what dream/goal/aspiration that you have placed on the shelf. God says, “Go get it, dust it off,  and start back pursuing it.”  Instead of allowing a NO to cause you to quit, allow it to fuel your drive.

Go harder...go faster. It pleases God when we trust Him enough to keep going when we have every reason to quit!

That NO (or that silence) that you have gotten did not really mean NO. It meant that a NEW OPPORTUNITY is being carved!

Get back to IT (whatever your IT is)...and do not LET UP until you see it manifest.

"There is not an elevator to success; you have to take the stairs."- Author Unknown


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