Will Super Bowl LIV be determined by a yard or a foot?


I have been on pins and needles this past year watching my favorite weekend past time sport of football on all levels.

Yes, there are a few teams that are near and dear to my heart so the anxiety was there on every play.

But there is one play that made me cringe when points were needed to win the game.

It seemed easy enough to perform.

The football looked okay.

The players were in position.

The determination and drive to win was obvious.

The wind was on its best behavior and the weather was temperamental.  And then….lo and behold, the special teams kicker does his due diligence and the football goes to Purgatory. 

The snap was perfection. The special kicking shoe was on the correct foot. The laces on the football were out because I checked. The football is in the air. It doesn’t go left. It doesn’t go right. It just went.

The goal posts didn’t see it coming either. The referees waving like geese the signal that the kick was not good. Game lost by the agony of the feet.

I saw it so many times this past football season that it made me put my medical cap on.

I started focusing on the kicker’s feet.


Their kicking foot was crooked in the kick and their support leg was wobbly.

They may not have started their careers with crooked feet but over a period of time, with wear and tear, it has occurred.

If I was a betting person, I would have been rich this past season.

I shared my theory with some of my family and friends. Now I am the official “foot specialist.”

On the serious side, writer Christian D’Andrea did an article entitled The Science Behind Every Kick, Explained By NFL in 2019.

Interviewed veteran NFL kickers/punters agreed that the “sweet spot” is for the football to hit the metatarsal bone, which is the center bone that runs from the ankle to the big toe.

The position of the ball on the ground assists with the kick coming off of the toe.

However, there is more to the kinetics of kicking.

According to doctors, Anderson and Sidaway (2013), although controlling whole-body balance and posture are critical to the expression of all skilled physical activity, most examinations of kicking have focused on the kicking leg, with few examining the role of the support leg in facilitating effective and efficient kicking motion of the opposite leg.

Got you curious, huh? Feel free to Google and learn more. How about those feets!!!???


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