Abortion push part of dark thinking


I was having early morning coffee with a friend of mine recently, and out of the blue he said, “A person who does not believe in God loses all ability to perform rational thought.” 

Now my friend is not known to be a very religious person.  Surprised,  I asked him to explain his statement. 

“A person who does not believe in God has no boundaries. He can believe anything, do anything, no matter how absurd, and think he is rational.  It is scary.  The more disbelief we have in a Divine Being, the more we think that anything we think or do is alright.  There are no consequences - no punishment.  Apparently, there is no fear of the afterlife, no punishment for our sins, no accounting to God for our life on earth.”

“You have got to be talking about the New York legislature and Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo,” I offered. “Murder is now legal in New York.”  He took a sip of coffee and nodded.

New York has just passed the most liberal abortion law in the country.  Late term abortions are now legal. 

A woman can get an abortion right up to the time of delivery with no consequences. 

The only consequence is to the baby.  When this law was passed, those in the state legislature stood and applauded. 

Did it ever occur to those legislators and to Andrew Cuomo that they had just legalized infanticide? 

  For my entire adult life, the Catholic Church has stood against abortion. 

Andrew Cuomo is a Catholic, yet he signed a bill into law that allows abortions to occur right up to the time of delivery. 

I don’t know what the grounds for excommunication are in the Catholic Church, but this may be a good case.

But what is going on? 

Why this new devotion to abortion by so many Democrats? 

Why has the act of abortion evolved from the first trimester to the day of delivery? 

But there is more. 

Gov. Ralph Northam,  (D-Virginia) is now advocating for abortions that occur after the mother has given birth, post-birth abortions. 

In other words, kill the living, breathing baby after it is born.

Could it be that once the Democrats have gotten the American people accustomed to infanticide that they have something more in mind? 

Do you remember studying about eugenics? “Eugenics is focused on manipulating heredity to produce better people and on eliminating those considered biologically inferior.”  Humans, in the eyes of those who believe in eugenics, are no better than the selective breeding of cattle. 

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a proponent of a brand of eugenics which “aimed to improve human hereditary traits through social intervention by reducing the reproduction of those who were considered unfit.”

Are the Democrats dulling our senses to death by sacrificing infants?  I ask this question because Obamacare had “death panels” baked into the law.   What may be next?  Well, let’s guess. 

What about doing away with people who have severe physical disabilities?  The mentally ill? 

The old?

Young people who are mentally challenged. 

All of this is what The Eugenics Society advocated and what Margaret Sanger preached. 

How long will it be before some government agency determines that those who think a certain way must be done away with for the good of the society? 

How long will it be before this same agency decides that a particular race is impeding society and thus must be removed to make the society genetically better? 

History tells us that this kind of thinking led to the extermination of over six million Jews. 

We are headed down the wrong road at supersonic speed.  It appears that states like New York, Virginia, Rhode Island and others sense that the U. S. Supreme Court may strike down Roe v. Wade, and they are getting ahead of the game.

 That is why in many quarters, the Catholic Church is so hated. For many years it has stood against infanticide and euthanasia.  

But Christianity in all forms and denominations is under vicious attack by the radical Democrats including the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, by the way, professes to be a Catholic. 

To those who don’t believe in God, there are no consequences to their actions.  Even the killing of innocent babies is without consequence. 

Everything is done for the benefit of society, and irrational thought is accepted as rational.  But there will be a day of reckoning, and that day will not be pleasant for those who lived outside the boundaries.


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