Call it what it is, treason


We’ve been beating around the bush too long, and it is time to label things what they are. 

It is time to call treason what it is - treason.  What the FBI and the Justice Department did to President Trump was treason. 

The “deep state” attempted to overthrow a duly elected president, and we are beginning to see the leading edges of panic from the Democrats.

James Comey, the disgraced former head of the FBI, is saying that President Trump should be indicted after his presidency is completed. 


What crime has he committed?  The Mueller Report, as corrupt and as it was, cleared the president of collusion, which is not a crime, and obstruction. 

It is over -period! 

Yet the “deep state” continues to press on as if nothing has happened.

Mueller knew that there were no crimes committed by President Trump almost immediately after he was appointed. 

Yet, he “investigated” for two years trying to dig up dirt, any kind of dirt, on the president. 

The more information that comes out regarding this investigation and the “criminal operatives” who started it, the more we know that this plan to overthrow the duly elected president extended to the highest levels.

Loretta Lynch is up to her eyeballs in this nefarious plot. 

We know that Hillary Clinton was the master mind behind the Steele Dossier, and we know that high ranking Obama officials set the plan in motion. 

Bring the pressure, drive his poll numbers down to 20 percent, and Trump will either resign or be impeached.

But these treasonous activities failed to anticipate one important fact. 

Any other Republican president would have buckled under the relentless pressure, but Donald Trump was made out of better material than most Republican politicians. 

He stood his ground and fought back.  There were dark days because the Republicans in the House and Senate believed all of the treasonous lies the Democrats were telling.

They simply stood back and watched a fellow Republican being led to the slaughter. 

The hapless Paul Ryan, the then Speaker of the House, failed to do anything to help President Trump.  In fact, he worked against him behind the scenes thinking that Trump was a short timer. The media was relentless. 

They were as complicite in the plan to overthrow a duly elected president as Hillary Clinton and her sycophants in the FBI and in the Justice Department.

James Comey is guilty of treason and must be tried for this crime.  He is now on a “spin tour” attempting to convince the American public that he is a “good guy” without sin, and that Trump is the real villain.  Lisa Page, the attorney for the FBI, must be charged with treason.  She knew better, and yet she and her lover, Peter Strzok, continued their illegal and dangerous activities. 

Hillary Clinton is guilty of treason.  She is the instigator behind all of this illegal activity, and if she had won the election, what freedoms we have left would have vanished.  China and Russia would have literally taken over this country - not by force, but by ideology. 

There would be no more American capitalism, and shortly, we would have become a welfare state right up to the time the country collapsed.

One reason why the Democrats in the House are so nasty is that they know what is coming. 

Attorney General William Barr is on the case, and I get the feeling that soon, the word “treason” will become a household word.  Comey is trying to convince Americans that he is a “choir boy,” and would never do anything illegal - except he has. 

He signed the first FISA warrant on Carter Page that stated that the Steele Dossier had been vetted and was true and accurate information.  We now know that the FBI had been told long before the warrant was issued that the Steele Dossier was bogus.

Using these lies, the Democrat Party and the media fooled enough people to elect a band of insane Democrats to the House of Representatives.

If you follow the news, you already know what they are doing.  But I like the suggestion that Jerry Falwell, Jr. made. 

“The first two years of the Trump presidency has been thwarted by Democrat lies.  Let’s add two years to the Trump presidency.” 

This sounds like a great idea to me, but let’s wait until the “treason trials” are finished.  As Sean Hannity told James Comey, “Sir, you have the right to remain silent.”


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