Can Trump be beaten?


It is an amazing thing.  Even when the “witch hunt” was all that you could hear on the “fake news” channels, the President’s approval numbers remained in the 40s. 

Now that the “witch hunt” is over, those numbers are climbing. 

But the psychotic Democrats do not seem to notice. 

In one poll, President Trump’s numbers are over 50 percent, while in the Gallup Poll, his numbers are at an all-time high of 46 percent. 

These numbers are 1 percent higher than Obama’s at the same time in his presidency.

I did see one Democrat congressman who is apparently taking his medication say that the numbers are too high and Trump is too popular to impeach. 

Impeachment is not a criminal trial but a political exercise. 

Besides, only a seriously delusional person like Al Green (D-Texas) is seriously entertaining thoughts of impeachment. 

His leader, the deranged Nancy Pelosi, has even begun to make some sense. 

She keeps telling her band of socialists, communists and fascists that impeachment is not in the cards, and for once, she is right.

The House can bring impeachment charges against the President, but then, the action moves over to the Senate. 

Even the most mentally ill Democrat can see that the President is not going to be removed from office.  In fact, I think that impeachment proceedings against this President may in fact work to his benefit. 

The American people can already sense that Jerry (Boss Hogg) Nadler is dipping his fat toes into some water that may be deeper than he expected. 

He issued over 80 subpoenas in one day looking for dirt on the President and his family. 

He wants to see the President’s tax returns.  Unless he is aware of a crime that has been committed, he has no right to these returns. 

In fact, Nadler has no right to any financial data.  If there was a problem, the IRS would have already solved it or if not, placed a lien on the Trump Organization.  This, to my knowledge, has not happened, and there is no record of it happening.  This is just a Democrat ploy to harass this President and try to get his poll numbers down.

Joe Biden is riding high these days.  CNN produced a poll saying Biden was 7 points ahead of President Trump. 

This of course is absurd. 

No news organization that was rational would ever publish something so stupid.  I watched Biden’s speech to all 600 of his fans last week, and I detected something that may be a problem for “Ole Joe.” 

Now Joe has long been known as the “dumbest man in Washington,” and he certainly did not disappoint. 

However, when a candidate cannot articulate a coherent thought, there may be issues present that are more than just being “dumb.” 

We will see how that works out, but already, I am doubting that “Ole Joe” can make it through the campaign.  But it would be so much fun if he did.  Can you see this “deep state gaff-machine” debating with Trump?  To use a boxing term, Trump would put “Ole Joe” to sleep early in the first round.

Bernie Sanders is polling behind Biden as any sensible observer would expect.  Bernie is a communist who wants to install a Stalinist government on the people of America.  Why young people think this toxic socialist is the future, I do not fully understand.  Bernie would function very well in the old Soviet Union.

But the Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to run for President.  Most of those who have announced look around and see that their colleagues have little or no chance of winning the nomination let alone the presidency.  Why not make a run?  Name recognition is always good.

There are storm clouds on the horizon for the Democratic Party. 

They are attempting to “demonize” attorney general William Barr because they know that he is digging into their corruption. 

He already knows where the “dead bodies” are buried.  Once that becomes public knowledge, the 20/20 election will be just around the corner. 

“Old Joe” may have his hands in the corrupt plot to take down a duly elected president.  If so, don’t be surprised to see the Democratic Party turn to Hillary.  Who knows?  The third time may be the charm!


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.

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