Dangerous era in history is finally over


We have just ended one of the most bizarre and dangerous times in the history of this country. 

For over two years, Robert Mueller has been investigating President Trump, his campaign workers, and his family in search of “Russian Collusion.” 

The Democrats sang Mueller’s praises from the highest buildings claiming that it was just a matter of time before “Trump and his family would be marched out of the White House in handcuffs.”  Mueller had the proof and it was only a matter of time before Trump was in jail.

The media ran thirteen stories each day claiming all sorts of weird things about the President and his family. 

Ivanka and Jared faced long prison sentences.

Don, Jr. was in big trouble for his meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower. 

The corrupt Democrats in Congress gleefully predicted that Trump would be out of office within six months.  False stories crossed and crisscrossed Washington like hornets just kicked from their nest. 

The despicable CNN spent most of its airtime attacking the President and spreading rumors that had no foundation in fact. 

In fact, the Steele Dossier, this totally fake piece of garbage, found its way to CNN, and it happily spread the word. 

CNN failed to tell its viewers that the Steele Dossier was opposition research bought and paid for by the most corrupt politician in American history, Hillary Clinton.

John Brennan, President Obama’s CIA Director, had warned that the Mueller probe showed “our Nation’s future is at stake.” 

His role as CIA Director for Obama had landed him a job with MSNBC, another “fake news” outlet where each day Brennan brought forth more “damming evidence that the President was a Russian Operative.”

James Clapper, the former National Security Advisor, was just as eager to spread false information about the President. 

CNN and MSNBC thought that the addition of these two incompetent buffoons would add “Gravitas” to their daily dose of “fake news.”

The Mueller Probe into a duly elected president should have been shut down the first week it started. 

Jeff Sessions should never have recused himself as Attorney General, and Robert Mueller should have refused to investigate Trump, especially when he knew all along that the Steele Dossier had been bought and paid for by Hillary. 

When Sessions recused himself, it left partisan hacks in charge of the department, and many in the Justice Department and in the FBI had already planned a sophisticated coup that would take the President down.

The election of President Trump threw a big “monkey wrench” into these people’s plans. 

They wanted Hillary because then, they would be in control of the government. 

They knew that Hillary was corrupt, and what’s more, they had the goods on her. 

Life was going to be good.  But the American people had other ideas, and their criminal plans had to be put on hold until they could create enough false information to impeach the President or make him resign.

But once again President Trump fooled them. 

He would not resign from office although all of us know that he was under tremendous pressure. 

Even his Republican “friends” thought that he would be out of office within six months, and that is why many of them never lifted a hand to help him, including Mississippi’s senior senator. 

Through it all, the President persevered.

How much damage has this witch hunt caused?  It has been tremendous!  Cowardly Republicans failed to implement his agenda. 

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, opposed almost everything he did.  Paul Ryan should never be elected to anything ever again. 

­­He is a weak and corrupt man who fancies himself a clone of Mitt Romney, a classic ‘Never Trumper.”  International relations suffered.  Why would a country want to do business with a man who was going to be thrown out of office?  How long will it take for President Trump to get his agenda back on track and continue to move this country in the right direction? 

The Democrats in Congress will do everything they can to damage President Trump, but that horse may already be out of the stable. 

The American people now see what was going on, and I don’t believe they will “take kindly” to a corrupt political party that attempted to drive a duly elected President from office. 

As usual the Democrats will overplay their hand, but I must confess that 2020 is looking better for perhaps the greatest President in my generations’ lifetime.


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