Dems have hands full with AOC as new leader

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now the recognized leader of the Democrat Party replacing the venerable Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. 

I know this because I heard her say so. 

The Democrat Party now has a 29-year-old bartender setting the policies for at least the next two years, and believe me, the new policies will be radical. 

They will make old time liberal Democrats look like they are members of the John Birch Society. 

Alexandria has successfully, and quickly, shut the rest of her party up, and as far as I can tell, she has received no push-back from Pelosi or Schumer. 

Diane Feinstein hosted some children in her office who commenced to tell her what for. 

She got so rattled that she finally told the 16-year-old that if she didn’t like the way change was happening that “perhaps you should run for President.” 

It was a great moment in history to see the far-left socialists of the Democrat Party fighting with a veteran senator who is just leaning socialists. 

From what I can tell, we will see more of this intramural warfare in the future. 

You can bet the farm and all that you borrow that the Democrat powers that be will at some point have a long talk with Alexandria. 

My guess is that it will not work because Alexandria’s ego will not allow it. 

She is convinced that she is the smartest person in Washington, and she wants rapid change.  She does not realize that the Constitution of the United States was designed to slow things down.  Schumer understands this. 

Pelosi understands this.  Alexandria does not have a clue.  This is something that she should have learned in ninth grade civics.

What are our colleges and universities teaching?  Alexandria claims that she graduated from Boston University with a degree in economics. 

Yet she is proposing some of the most ridiculous things ever presented to the American people.  What she and some of her colleagues are demanding is simple.  They want the government to take over every facet of the American peoples’ lives.  Energy will be controlled by the government. 

Medicine will be controlled by the government.  Industry of all types will be under the total control of the government, and green energy will save all of us from “climate change.” To protect “mother earth,” young people will be asked to forego having children.  These types of policies will make all of us wish that we could join the old Soviet Union. 

We know that our colleges and universities have been hijacked by socialists, communists, atheist, and anarchists.  All one has to do to confirm this statement is watch one appear on CNN or MSNBC. 

These people are teaching our young people, and unfortunately, critical thinking is something that this new generation lacks.  It is teacher malpractice.  Take a quick look at our so-called journalists.  This may be the most ill-educated group in America.

  Not all young people will fall for the type of propaganda these people are spouting, but some do, and these are the types of people who march in the streets in support of socialism and, the magic word, equality.  Equality as a buzz word sounds great, but no two human beings are equal. 

The only way “equality” can come about is through the adherence to our Constitution.  Everyone has equal protection before the law, and if this is not the case then there are remedies available.  We don’t have a perfect society, but it is better than all of the others.

But Alexandria, Bernie, Cory, Pocahontas,  Kamala - all want to destroy our Constitution by doing one simple thing.  They want to crash our economy.

 If the economy crashes and people are put in the same circumstances as the Venzuelans, then our country is probably finished as we have known it. 

Two professors in New York have even written that the welfare rolls should be increased to the point where they have an adverse impact on the economy.

 When the welfare state requires all of the money to redistribute to individuals who are not working, then the country is finished.

Why do you think the Democrat Party wants open borders? 

Why do you think that illegal aliens are treated better by the Democrat Party than our own citizens?  There is reasoning behind the madness, and should Alexandria and her follows succeed in crashing our economy by confiscating the wealth of our nation, then that great bastion of freedom known as America will become a footnote in the history books.

Unfortunately, this generation of young people lean toward socialism and its false promises.  Somehow, someway, they need to be taught the difference between free market capitalism and socialism.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not, and we can already see the trouble she is causing.



They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.

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