Expect another great production tonight


A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a friend from a neighboring Delta town about my involvement this past spring with the Brindley Theater.

He was delighted to learn that Callie had also become involved.

She will make her Indianola acting debut tonight as a choral singer in Beauty & The Beast.

Callie has done her share of acting before, playing roles in multiple theatrical plays during college.

My friend also lamented the fact that his town did not have a little theater like Indianola, and he wondered why his city, which is much larger than ours, could not have something as special as the Brindley Theater.

The truth is that any town could have such a theater if it has an ensemble of volunteers, actors and actresses like we have.

Serving on the board of the Mid Delta Arts Association over the past few months has given me a glimpse of what it has taken to maintain this institution over the past 40 years.

It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and long volunteer hours from people who often do not get the credit they deserve when the curtain is drawn.

There are the people who handle the costumes, lights, sound, props and so much more. Most of those folks are pulling double duty, oftentimes even acting in the productions they are supporting backstage.

It is truly amazing what goes into each production and how this dedicated troupe never fails to show up when called, and they never fail to disappoint when it comes to the performances.

Tonight, Brindley will launch one of its most ambitious endeavors in Beauty & The Beast.

The show is officially sold out, but if you do not have tickets and want to see it, I’d suggest going to the theater lobby and wait around for the chance at a no-show ticket on any performance night.

It will be well worth the wait.

The best way to secure tickets for these great shows is to become a patron of MDAA.

It is a tremendous value, and you’re supporting a one-of-a-kind theater that has given so much to Indianola.


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.


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