I’ll never get used to this


For the fourth consecutive year, I am suffering from what I can only term a massive sinus infection.

I should be more specific, though. This is the fourth consecutive summer that I have been afflicted with this miserable illness.

The first one I had was during my second year living in Tuscaloosa.

It was in August, so that means it was extra hot.

The worst part about this annual occurrence is the fact that it takes so long to get over with.

I’m currently on my second week of medicine, after my second doctor’s visit, and my ears and sinuses are still stopped up.

I’m taking three pills every morning now, trying to get this thing to break.

The second time I got the crud was in August 2017, my first week on the job at The E-T.

Everyone here must have thought I was a chain smoker the way I was coughing that week.

I somehow made it through that, but last summer, it was the same story.

I was about to go on vacation to the mountains when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I knew I had to act fast, because I didn’t want to be in Smokey Mountain National Forest, where things would inevitably have gotten worse.

I got a shot and a round of antibiotics right before leaving town, but it was still a miserable vacation, as far as sickness goes.

That brings us to this year.

Almost two weeks ago, I went out to a lake for an hour or so in Leflore County.

It turns out an hour was long enough for whatever the “Delta Crud” is to be able to track me down. By the next morning, my throat was sore and my head was completely clogged up.

The following Monday, I went and got the shot I knew I needed, along with the antibiotics, but I knew from experience it wasn’t going to be enough.

This beast of an illness does not shake off easily.

By last Thursday, I knew I had to go back to the doctor. I was about to leave town to go to Biloxi for the annual Mississippi Press Association convention, and I wasn’t feeling any better than I was the week before.

I got three nice new pills to take, and I have been taking them religiously, but so far, the sinuses are still being stubborn.

Hopefully I’ll be over this thing in a week or so, and perhaps by that time, I will have some coherent and relevant commentary for you.

Until then, bear with me. This happens every year, but I never get used to it.


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