May’s sins have finally caught up with her


There is a Bible verse that states: “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

It seems that Theresa May’s sins have finally caught up with her.  She is out as the British Prime Minister.  Tears filled her eyes as she made the announcement that she was stepping down. 

She was tasked with the job of getting Britain out of the European Union. 

This socialist dominated union had usurped power from the British government placing the Brits in almost a subservient position. 

In other words, the British had given up their sovereignty. 

They could no longer make decisions that promoted their self-interest. 

The self-interest of the European Union was paramount, and important decisions were made in Belgium - not in England.

The British people finally had enough of this “one world government,” and they voted to part ways with the European Union. 

But withdrawing from the European Union proved more difficult than most people thought, especially since the British elites did not want to abandon the EU. 

Theresa May did not want to withdraw, but she had to make an effort to demonstrate that she was trying. 

She should have followed President Trump’s advice and made a clean exit from the EU, but she thought she could delay it, and hopefully, if she played her cards right, Britain would not have to withdraw at all. 

But her “sins” finally caught up with her, and now, she is no longer the Prime Minister. 

Good riddance! 

This woman failed to represent her people against the EU, and now she is unemployed. 

A new political wind is now sweeping over the British Isles, and this wind will bring a closer relationship with the United States and prosperity for the British citizens.

Most of us have had to negotiate something in our lives whether it is haggling over the price of a new car or trying to buy a piece of land. 

Before the negotiations began, did you publically attack the person with whom you had to negotiate?  Most of us have more sense than to do this, but apparently, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t. 

An hour before she was to meet with President Trump to negotiate a deal on funding an infrastructure bill, she accused the President of a cover up. 

Now she did not specify exactly what it was that the President was covering up, but she made it sound really bad.  He has been cleared of collusion and obstruction, yet he is covering something - still a mystery- up.

By the time this goof-ball got to the White House, the President had heard what she had said earlier. 

To put it mildly, he was not a happy camper.  Cooly and calmly, he told Nancy and Chuck that he was not going to play their game. 

If they were going to continue “investigating,” then he was not going to negotiate any legislation until the harassment stopped.  According to reports, he then walked out of the meeting and went to the Rose Garden for a 12 minute news conference. Nancy was left with White House staff. 

Kellyanne Conway was in the meeting, and Nancy told her that she did not negotiate with the hired help.  She and Chuck then left the meeting only to claim that the President needed an “intervention.”

Remember that the President is a master negotiator. 

He lured these two incompetents to the White House, then lowered the boom.  Why should he negotiate with people who are trying as hard as they can to get him thrown out of office? 

At first, I thought Nancy may be suffering from the onset of early dementia.  But the whispers in Washington is that she may be an alcoholic.  Alcohol could account for some of the crazy things she does and says. 

Do we really want someone this incompetent, and who is addicted to alcohol, third in line to the presidency?  I pray each night that the Good Lord will spare the United States from this tragedy.

Then there is “Old Joe” Biden.

The news media has reluctantly started talking about his inability to speak in coherent sentences. 

“Has he lost speed on his fast ball?” they ask. 

The meaning is clear. 

Is Joe’s aging brain up to the task?

Are aging neurons failing to work?

Something is wrong.

I listened to him talk to a small crowd of supporters, and it was extremely difficult to understand the point he was making. 

Running for president requires the stamina of a buffalo, and from the early signs, “Creepy” Joe may have a serious problem with “age.”  But we know that he has sinned, and we are sure that his sins “will find him out.”


They are the perfect definition of a work in progress.

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