Patterson: Capitalism may be in trouble


Mississippi has more “Democrat Socialists” than I suspected.  A breakdown of the votes in the Senate Special Election shows that the entire Delta Region, from Vicksburg to Memphis, voted to send a Democrat to Washington. 

Other counties across the state chipped in to express their big government views.  Now, before you jump my case about how you voted, let me say at the outset that  American citizens have the right to vote the way they feel is right. 

But looking over some of the election results leaves me wondering if we have done a good job explaining the difference between capitalism and socialism.

For several months now, the rage in Washington has been a 29-year old socialist named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She is now a member of the U. S. House of Representatives representing a district in New York. 

A year ago, she was a bartender. 

Today, the Democrat Party worships her because she unashamedly articulates what most of them believe.  She wants to do away with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and she wants to abandon our borders. 

She thinks that there should be Medicare for all paid for by the Department of Defense.  Her number one priority is to impeach President Trump, while at the same time declaring that all illegal aliens be awarded citizenship.

In addition to her call for Medicare for all, she has openly stated that everyone should be guaranteed a job.  She supports the LGBT community, and thanks them for giving her their support.  “Climate Change” is a big thing in Cortez’s mind. 

She wants to place a huge carbon tax on the American people.   She does not realize that this would bring about an economic depression the likes of which we haven’t seen in our nation’s history.

Socialism is a recipe for misery and despair.  Cortez, and the rest of the Democratic Socialists, seem unaware of what socialism brings.  Remember the old Soviet Union? 

People were denied the very basics of life.  Even bread was unavailable in the government run grocery stores. But a classic example of socialism is modern day Cuba.  One article read, “Havana is collapsing, building by building.”  Many Democratic Socialists cite Cuba as the ideal country where everyone is equal and medical services are free to all.  But what is actually going on? 

According to USA Today, “Rafael Alvarez was up early to warm milk for his infant child when he heard the sound of pebbles falling.  That is when the floor beneath him became loose. 

He was left hanging.  Alvarez was buried in rubble up to his waist.  His mother shouted to save the children.  Those were her last words.”  Alvarez lost his infant child, his mother, and his wife when the building collapsed.  “Alvarez said that he and his family live like scared dogs in buildings that may collapse at any time.”

 Another Cuban said, “These living conditions are worse than a pig pen.”  Thanks to socialism, this is the plight of many average Cubans.  There is no plan to lift these people out of poverty.  There is no upward mobility.  What is more depressing is that there is no hope.

Yet, the Democrat Party openly praises the 29-year old New York Congresswoman for her brilliance and for her ability to accurately articulate the party’s beliefs.  Socialism has not worked in Cuba or any other place it has been tried, yet this is the new trend.

California is a socialist state with more than its share of politicians who refuse to face the fact that the state is broke and going further into debt. 

California wants illegal aliens to come to the state for what reason the sane person fails to understand.  A recent study shows that 72 percent of immigrant households are on welfare. 

Even a wealthy state like California cannot support this type of largess.  Eventually, the economy will collapse, and guess who will be expected to bail the state out?  The taxpayers of the country, naturally.

But apparently, a huge number of voters in Mississippi are for “Democratic Socialism,” and this means that soon, all of us will be equally miserable.  I wonder if this is what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really wants?  According to the Democrat Party, it is.  Capitalism may be in trouble.


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