Protest doesn’t help Drew


A couple of weeks ago, The Enterprise-Tocsin went to Drew, a town we hope we’ll be spending more time in moving forward.

Drew is an underserved community in just about every way, and there are things, good and bad, that need covering in the community.

What we came out of there with two weeks ago was a story on the stalled project on Park Avenue.

It was said this week during the meeting of the Board of Supervisors that there was a protest of sorts by the citizens of Drew after the article came out.

It appears that some citizens drove their cars and blocked the contractor from accessing Park Avenue when he was about to do some work on the street.

For those who missed it, Park Avenue is one of Drew’s main thoroughfares, and it has been closed off for construction for several months, and it may be fall before the street will reopen.

The original project has been delayed because the contractor ran into a number of issues under the pavement that required the removal of old infrastructure like pipes and utilities.

The main issue right now is that there are multiple businesses on Park Avenue that are suffering economically because of the delays.

Our intent was to highlight that and to give voices to those who are victims of the prolonged project.

We never meant to convey in any way that the contractor, nor the engineers, are responsible for the stall.

They have been waiting on money to come down the legislative pipe to cover the costs of the change order.

This should be a lesson to Drew city government and also to neighboring towns to learn and to know exactly what is under your streets.

Estimates for construction were made for this project based on there not being any underground obstacles.

Once those were discovered, new money had to be awarded to cover the cost of removal.

Someone in the city government in Drew should have known these things were below ground.

I’m delighted the citizens of Drew are fired up. There needs to be more civic engagement in that community, but it’s important to get the facts straight before taking to the streets to protest.

Go back and read our article again.

There’s nothing the contractor can do until the money becomes available to remove all that stuff under the street.

At this point in the game, a protest really wouldn’t be productive for anyone.

Take that energy to some of the other streets in Drew and start a cleanup effort.

Drum up some summer activities for the kids who still have over a month before school resumes.

Most importantly, if you shop on Park Avenue, do everything in your power to continue to do so. It’s not the easiest right now, but it will keep those businesses afloat until the street reopens, hopefully in the coming months. 

We’ll keep you informed on the progress of Park Avenue, I can promise you that.


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